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April 13, 2021

Romania’s mid-year renewable energy capacity at 4,690 MW

Romania’s renewable energy capacity stood totaled 4,690 MW at the end of this June, shows data centralized by power grid operator Transelectrica.

Thus, wind farms accounted for 2,959 MW of the total, PV parks had a capacity of 1,312 MW, micro-hydro power plants accounted for 316 MW and biomass energy projects stood at a cumulative capacity of 103 MW.

At the end of 2015 renewable energy production capacities connected to the system stood at a combined 5,142 MW.

Renewable energy producers receive free green certificates they trade on a specialized market for unbundled gain. The green certificates are paid by all consumers in Romania, households included, through the final electricity bill.

According to a Government Resolution passed on December 30, 2015, this year’s mandatory renewable electricity quota eligible for promotion through the green certificates system is set at 12.15 percent of the final gross energy consumption, as to 11.9 percent in 2015.

Between 2008 – 2010 the Romanian authorities had a very generous support scheme in place for renewable energy producers, with 19.5 billion euros available for the entire period of implementation; this was considered the most generous green energy support scheme in the European Union. However, because of the increasingly higher impact on bills, the authorities began trimming and deferring certain benefits for renewable energy producers.

On their part, renewable energy producers complain about legislative inconsistency, and that following the authorities’ decisions they can no longer trade their green certificates and therefore many companies in this sector will end up in bankruptcy.


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