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May 16, 2021

Romanian students win 15 medals at the International Olympiads

The Romanian students won 15 medals at this year’s International Olympiads of Informatics, Math, and Physics: two gold medals, eleven silver medals and two bronze medals. The Romanian students’ training was supported by the Hai la Olimpiada! program.

The International Olympiad in Informatics

At the 2016 International Olympiad in Informatics, which took place in Kazan (Russia) between August 12 and August 18, the Romanian students won four medals: three silver and one bronze. Costin Andrei Oncescu, Andrei Costin Constantinescu, and Andrei Popa won the silver medals, while Radu Muntean won the bronze medal.

The International Mathematical Olympiad

At the 57th International Mathematical Olympiad, which was organized in Hong Kong between July 6 and July 16, the Romanian team won six medals: five silver and one bronze. Teodor Andrei Andronache, Alexandru Pascadi, Ciprian Mircea Bonciocat, Ovidiu-Neculai Avadanei, and Laurentiu Ioan Ploscaru won the silver medals, while Tudor Plopeanu got the bronze medal.

The International Physics Olympiad

Regarding the 2016 International Physics Olympiad, which was organized in Switzerland between July 11 and July 17, the Romanian students won five medals: two gold and three silver. Dan-Stefan Eniceicu and Razvan-Octavian Radu won the gold medals, while Robert-Iulian Raveanu, Tudor Costel Cretu, and Andrei-Catalin Raduc won the silver medals.

“During 2015-2016 school year, through Hai la Olimpiada! program, we continued to support the preparation of the national teams of Informatics, Mathematics and Physics for international competitions. These results are neither episodic nor accidental, but are the expression of will and of community efforts that children can prepare and be above average, under the guidance of valuable teachers. The 15 medals are the exponents of this community, which still manages to have exceptional results in a system whose overall results are becoming weaker. We congratulate the students and the teachers for the very good results and assure them that we will continue to support them”, said Tudor Vlad, President of eMAG Foundation for Education.

“BCR congratulates the outstanding performance of the International Olympics and thanks everyone for their work, their passion and determination. We are proud to support the young talents that will write the future of Romania and we believe that investment in education and the support we offer to children and young people who want to do performance is a solid investment in the future. We believe that today’s young people have potential to be those tomorrow’s leaders and models that Romania needs. We will continue to support them because we all need talented young people and inspirational role models, that will contribute to the development of a competitive society, based on values and work related principles, determination and performance tracking”, said Ionut Stanimir, Communication Director of BCR.

Hai la Olimpiada!  is a program initiated by eMAG Foundation in 2012 and supported by BCR starting 2014.


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