PM Ciolos: Romania could start exporting natural gas to Moldova

In some years’ time, Romania could become a natural gas exporter to Moldova, Romania’s Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos told Prime private broadcaster of Moldova in an interview on Thursday. He added that Romania’s Transgaz national natural gas transmission operator is well positioned in the country and the European markets, ready to invest in Moldova.

“I want to underscore that it is very probable that Romania becomes a natural gas exporter in some years’ time, and thus able to supply natural gas to the extent there is demand from Moldova, while also helping Moldova get connected to the European network, because Romania’s Transgaz corporation is well positioned in the Romanian and European markets. Transgaz will take part in the construction of a natural gas pipeline called BRUA, that will start on Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast and cross Romania, Hungary and Austria, linking this European region to the rest of Europe,” said Ciolos.

He added that there are Romanian state-run energy companies ready to invest money in Moldova, mentioning that Romania’s national electricity transmission corporation Transelectrica “is a very active presence that is working and will continue working on electricity transmission interconnection projects.”

“There are three interconnection projects currently being looked into; for one of them, a feasibility study is underway. So, we want to continue in the same direction, but also add investment; yet how and to what extent depend on the Government of Moldova’s approach of privatisations and on establishing partnerships, including from this vintage point,” said Ciolos.


Romania will continue kindergarten refurbishment programme in Moldova


Romania’s Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos said Thursday that Romania will continue in 2016 kindergarten refurbishment programmes in Moldova, along with providing funds for the purchase of school buses for Moldovan students.

“After Romanian investments in excess of 20 million euros, we have exceeded today 750 refurbished kindergartens. (…) This year, we have provided extra funds (…) and there will be about 70-80 more kindergartens to be refurbished. (…) We are also continuing (…) a programme for the purchase of school coaches and buses,” said Ciolos on a tour of a kindergarten in the village of Selemet, the Cimislia region, included in a programme for the refurbishment and equipping of Moldovan kindergartens on technical and financial assistance from Romania’s Government.

Ciolos said the continuation of these programmes is an example of the fact that improving things for Moldova’s citizens remain one of Romania’s concerns, irrespective of who rules it.

At the same time, he announced he will continue a programme under which Moldovan pupils and students can come to study in Romania.

Ciolos also said that a pilot project will be started in 2016, to be managed jointly with the Social Investment Fund of Moldova to fund projects helping local communities.

“I have decided, together with Mr Deputy PM Dincu, with Romania’s Ministry of Regional Development, to start off a pilot project this year. (…) This year, we have earmarked 2 million euros for the pilot project, one million of which will be managed by the Social Investment Fund, under which we will try to identify projects worth tens of thousands of euros at the level of local communities and that I hope to manage together. We want this project to help you meet the needs of the local communities for improved living conditions of your fellow citizens, our brothers, but at the same time we also want to help you improve your administrative capacities to manage projects on public funds,” said Ciolos.

After touring the kindergarten, Ciolos met local officials represented in the Congress of Moldova’s Local Authorities (CALM).

Accompanying Ciolos on the visit to the kindergarten and the meeting with CALM representatives were state officials, including his Moldovan counterpart Pavel Filip and Romania’s Deputy PM Vasile Dincu.


Romania to donate 100 school minibuses to Republic of Moldova at the beginning of 2017


Romania will donate 100 school minibuses to the Republic of Moldova at the beginning of 2017, the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration (MDRAP) announced on Friday in a press release.

According to MDRAP, deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Regional Development and Public Administration, Vasile Dincu already informed his Moldovan counterpart Vasile Bitca of the decision during a bilateral meeting that took place on Thursday in Chisinau as part of the official visit of the Romanian delegation led by PM Dacian Ciolos.

The call for purchasing the minibuses has already been published on the electronic public procurement system (SEAP) on August 19 and the deadline for bidding is September 30, when tenders are also to be open. According to procedures, MDRAP is to develop a Memorandum in order to approve the donation of the Romanian Government and, later on, send a donation offer based on a request made by the Cabinet in Chisinau, the release explained.

The two minister also discussed about the implementation status of the “Agreement between the Government of Romania and the Government of the Republic of Moldova to enforce the technical and financial assistance program based on Romania’s 100 million Euro financial aid for the Republic of Moldova.”

In this regard, the Romanian Government adopted on August 24 two memorandums dealing with financial aid amounting to 5 million Euros that Romania will grant the Republic of Moldova. Three million Euros out of the amount are meant to fund education infrastructure investment projects (over 80 kindergartens) and 2 million are meant for local development projects identified by the Moldovan authorities to benefit local communities.

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