PNL advocating integrity code, pay rises for public servants

The National Liberal Party (PNL) League of Local Elected Officials on Friday unanimously passed a resolution advocating the adoption of an integrity code for the public servants and a pay rise of 22 percent on the average for the public servants in 2017, as well as a uniform public pay law that will not be grounded in “petty electoral calculations.”

“The National Liberal Party believes in the values of professionalism, merit and equity and is therefore advocating the passage of a public pay law underpinned by such values, instead of petty electoral calculations. PNL is advocating the adoption of an integrity code for the public service, a general code comprising all public offices – whether elective or by appointment, local or national – that will regulate the conflict of interest and integrity in public servants carrying out their office duties,” reads the resolution.

The resolution reads PNL’s pledging to include in their government programme decentralisation, including financial resources for each territorial administrative unit; local public administration’s powers to support local economic communities; public servants’ pay, with an average increase of 22 percent in 2017; the statutes of the local elected officials; a code of incompatibilities; local elected officials’ pay and simplifying procedures to improve attracting European funds and implementing local development projects.

PNL argues these measures are able to halt what they say is “deprofessionalisation of the public administration.”


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