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September 18, 2019

DefMin Motoc at special ceremony of solemn utterance of the names of heroes of the First World War: A moment of unity, tribute to our history

The event dedicated to the WWI heroes that has taken place in the Tricolorului Square is a moment of “unity, of tribute to our history,” on Friday night said the National Defence minister, Mihnea Motoc at the special ceremony of solemn utterance of the names of heroes of the First World War.

“This very night 100 years ago, as a result of the decision to enter the war made by the Crown Council, our army forces were performing their first operation, by forcing the North front and taking control over the Carpathians’ passes, over the strategic access routes. (…) This anniversary series is placed under the high patronage of the President of Romania and coordinated by the Centennial Department with the Romanian Government. (…) The series of the commemorative moments dedicated to the heroes of the First World War will continue, but the one today is a moment of ‘unity, of tribute to our history,’ said Motoc.

The minister added that this memorial moment, as the others, is taking place in 100 cemeteries and memorials dedicated to the military heroes.

“It is about the solemn utterance of the names of these brave soldiers by the political and military personalities, by personalities of culture, by the military who were wounded in the Afghanistan theatre operations, by their children, by the descendants of the troops of the WWI and yet by citizens since Romania has had losses counting for more than 330,000 peoples in the WWI,” emphasized Motoc.

Over 330,000 Romanian troops have perished in The Great War as it is worldwide known the First World War, and approximately 76,000 remained with disabilities. They are added to, the victims with the civil population who were killed by diseases, starvation or were executed by the occupation troops.


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