Romanian troops participate in ‘Combined Resolve VII’ multinational exercise in Germany

Romania participates with over 250 troops of the Romanian Land Forces belonging to the Battalion 33rd Mountain ‘Posada’ from 26 August to 16 September in the ‘Combined Resolve VII’ multinational exercise in Germany, reads a release by the National Defence Ministry (MApN).

Around 3,500 military from Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belgium, France, Hungary, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Norway, Poland, Serbia, Slovenia, the United States of America, Ukraine and Romania will use the training facilities of Hohenfels and Grafenwohr aiming to ensure the necessary inter-operability level for the joint operations.

The military of the Land Forces participate in the ‘Combined Resolve’ ever since 2014, the Arges-based rangers being the fifth Romanian structure trained in Germany within this exercise, the source adds.

The training main targets are to exercise the troops’ leading procedures, the repeat of the standard operation procedures, the increase of the troops’ cohesion and the skills’ improvement in carrying out operations in the international environment.

“The presence of the Romanian Land Forces in this drill is a good opportunity to demonstrate the experience they’ve accumulated in both the training shooting ranges and the operations theatres, proving once again the capacity of the Romanian Army to contribute to the NATO military effort,” the MapN release concludes.

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