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April 18, 2021

MAE: 50 Romanian families affected by Italy earthquake to receive government aid

The Romanian government will provide emergency aid for around 50 families affected by last week’s earthquake in Italy, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE) announced.

The emergency aid will be available for families or individuals directly affected by the disaster, survivors or second degree relatives, relatives who travel to Italy in support of survivors, relatives or other Romanian citizens who become a surviving child’s legal guardians and caretakers in the aftermath of the disaster.

The application forms are available at Romanian diplomatic missions and consular offices in Italy or at all the Payments and Social Inspection agencies in all counties in Romania, according to MAE.

“The Romanian diplomatic mission and consular offices will be cooperating closely with the social affairs attaches sent by the Romanian Ministry of Labor (MMFPSPV) to Italy and will produce a report containing details regarding the identity of the affected family and surviving members as well as their financial situation, the damage suffered and the family’s intention to return to Romania. The report will be sent to the National Agency for Payments and Social Inspection accompanying the applications for aid,” MAE explains in a press release.

MAE also informs that in the case of children who lost both parents in the earthquake, relatives or other Romanian citizens who become legal guardians or caretakers will receive 6,000 euros in aid – 3,000 euros for education and health care and another 3, 000 euros in a trust fund the minor can access after he/she turns 18.

The government is to also allocate 10,000 euros for families whose houses suffered over 50 percent damage and choose to remain in Italy. Survivors and close relatives are entitled to 1,000 euros for each family member that perished in the tremor. Relatives who travel to Italy in support of Romanian survivors are also entitled to 1,000 euros, while families who lost their rental homes and can’t provide for a new one are entitled to 3,000 euros. The Government will also provide 3,000 euros in aid for every Romanian adult affected by the earthquake and who chooses to return to Romania.

According to MAE, 11 Romanians lost their lives in the earthquake that rattled Italy last week, six were wounded and up to 30 people reside in refugee camps in Amatrice.

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