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April 23, 2021

President Iohannis decorates Romanian Language and Literature teachers, thanks them for youth education

Romanian Language and Literature teachers on Wednesday were decorated by President Klaus Iohannis at a ceremony hosted by the Cotroceni Presidential Palace in Bucharest, with the President thanking them for their contribution to the education of young people.

Seven teachers received the Education Merit award in rank of Cavaliers for “exemplary contributions to the intellectual and physical development of the younger generations as well as to an increase in the contributions of formal education to the development of the Romanian society.”

” On Romanian Language Day, we celebrate together the essence of the Romanian spirit and identity, the binder that unites all of us who feel and speak Romanian,” Iohannis said at the beginning of his speech.

He said, ‘this is everybody’s celebration, irrespective of religious or ethnic background, Romanians inside and outside the national borders, as well as the citizens of Moldova, themselves celebrating ?the day of our language’ as well,” thanking them for their ” contributions to the intellectual development and civic education of the younger generations by cultivating the Romanian language.”

According to him, ” the profile of the new generation of students is changing, while the teachers’ capability of carrying out their mission has to adapt to such developments.”

” The role of the Romanian Language teachers thus becomes that of keeping the national identity in a dynamic context that is in a rapid and continual state of flux. I am glad to have the opportunity to acknowledge the merits of teachers with a call who stand out for their passion for teaching and communities, as well as for their personal example to the young people. Your results are wonderful – be them at Romanian Language and Literature school competitions and Olympiads, be them in motivating students in their academic journey to become active members of the society,” said Iohannis.

The seven decorated teachers are: Ioana Maria Tuduce (Silvania National College of Zalau); Sofia Dobra (Secondary School 131 of Bucharesti); Monica Halaszi (Liviu Rebreanu National College of Bistrita); Mircea Bertea (Gheorghe Lazar National Teaching College of Cluj-Napoca); Oana-Maria Marin (I.G. Duca Secondary School of Bucharest); Diana Catalina Popa (Vasile Alecsandri National College of Galati) and Daniela Luminita Creredeev (Vatra Moldovitei Secondary School of Suceava).

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