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August 3, 2021

Romanian Language Day: MAE says supporting Romanian communities to study Romanian language, a priority

The Foreign Affairs Ministry (MAE) considers a priority supporting the study of Romanian language in the Romanian communities, including its status as an official language of the EU, among the citizens of other states, the MAE informs in a Wednesday release on the occasion of the Romanian Language Day.

The release said that there are increasingly more young people interested in translating in/from the Romanian language or activating inside European institutions.

“MAE is actively involved in conducting the activity of about 50 language, culture and civilization readership centres in 30 countries in Europe, Asia and America as well as in the project initiated by the Romanian Language Institute in 2007 – “Courses of language, culture and Romanian civilization”, dedicated to Romanian students enrolled in schools from Belgium, Italy and Spain and, in 2015, Portugal and Ireland”, the MAE added.

In this context, the institution speaks about the scholarship program offered to foreigners by the Romanian state and that some of its objectives are the promoting of the Romanian language and a better understanding of the country by the citizens all over the world.

“The native language of 30 million people, the fundamental element in keeping the national identity and cohesion factor for the Romanian communities abroad, the Romanian language represents, though its history and art, through its linguistic unity of historical Romanian communities, a scientific and undeniable argument, but also a promoting tool for the Latinity of Romanian people. A constant subject in current debates regarding the education of young generations refers to the preservation and perpetuation of identity profile elements among them, first of the language, history and culture, in order to realize the importance of this elements in the intellectual and moral formation of young people”, the Foreign Ministry added.

According to the release, many embassies, consular offices and Romanian cultural institutes abroad, organize events to mark the Romanian Language Day, alongside actions to promote Romania or to strengthen the ties with the diaspora from countries where it conducts business.

Also, Eudoxiu Hurmuzachi Institute within MAE will support for Romanians all over, in the period 30 August – 4 September, the organization, together with the associative environment, a series of events that are addressed to Romanians from Serbia, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Moldova.

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