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November 30, 2022

Ciolos: Lands not to be purchased for chasing in on, but to work it

Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos announced on Wednesday, in a Government meeting, that in maximum a month, he will propose a series of measures designed to limit selling agricultural lands and to encourage purchase of lands by farmers.

“I believe that in maximum three weeks, maybe a month, we can put on the table a few proposals the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development is currently working on. We’re analyzing, on the one hand, the opportunity to come up with new bills or an emergency ordinance or to go along with amendment proposals on the bills already submitted to the Parliament and hold talks with MPs. We’re working on several ideas that review the first draft, in order to support land workers, farmers, local communities or even the state”, said Ciolos at TVR.

He talked about the solutions regarding encouraging the purchase of land.

“We are interested encouraging the purchase of land, but not for cashing in on; therefore, we’re thinking of some minimal deadlines for a land to be given in use after purchase, so that we are able to encourage the purchase of land by people who want to work it”, Ciolos said.

Regarding illegal deforestation, the prime minister pointed out that the Government issued and Emergency Ordinance on Wednesday dealing with ” increasing the level of sanctions and fines for state employees who don’t do their job in maintaining forests in legal conditions.”

Ciolos talked also about the “type of measures on so-called forest-planning”.

“This means maintaining and keeping a forest lots map for many years and base the cuttings on it. Even there you can find some illegalities in the way this plans are made and implemented, and in this regard we are preparing a series of measures that will lead to a higher transparency for any citizen regarding the way forests are exploited. Also, we want to digitalize the system in order to keep track of the wood, from the moment of planting a tree and maintaining planted lots. All responsibilities, who and what responsibilities they have, beginning to end. I asked for legislation so that, on every lot wood is exploited on, much hang out a sign stating the grounds and authorizations cuts are made, what cuts are made, what wood quantity. We will also have a control body – the Forest Guard”, the PM added.

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