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May 6, 2021

EC’s Jyrki Katainen: It’s in UK’s, EU’s interest to have constructive cooperation after Brexit

Cooperation between the UK and the European Union after Brexit is in the two sides’ interest, Jyrki Katainen (photo L), vice president of the European Commission, on a two-day official visit to Romania on 1 and 2 September, told a Citizens’ Dialogue event in Bucharest on Thursday.

Katainen said that it is very difficult to foresee what impact the Brexit will have. I’ve seen the short-term impact; fortunately, the financial market calmed down, he said, adding it is good news for the UK, and for the rest of the European Union. It’s in the interest of the UK and the EU to have constructive cooperation after exit, said Katainen at the end of the event hosted by the EC Representation in Romania.

He added that the European Union will continue to further develop its single market.

He said he noticed that the UK Great Britain was not ready, and the Brexit vote came as a surprise. Those who have made the “stay” campaign believed they have won, while those who have made the “leave” campaign were surprised to see they really won, he said, adding that they had no plan whatsoever about what they want to do next. This is the reason why the Government of the UK has not started yet the exit negotiations. The rest of the European Union will continue to further develop its single market and to promote investments, so the rest of the Union will continue and make sure that the Brexit will have no negative impact upon the economies of the member states, said Katainen.

Joining Katainen in his dialogue with the Romanian citizens, was Romanian Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos. The two discussed various topics, from boosting investments, to European economy’s modernisation and the future of Europe.


“Teacher training and basic education are paramount to Romania”


Teacher training and basic education are paramount to Romania and other European countries, Vice-President of the European Commission Jyrki Katainen also told a Citizens’ Dialogue on Thursday in Bucharest.

He said Romania is encouraged to focus on research and development policies in the future, as well as on human capital policies, such as vocational training and teacher training. He added that if he could dictate to Europe and stood a chance, he would harmonise teacher training at the highest possible level all over Europe, because the more highly qualified teachers, the better formal education would be. Vocational training, teacher training and basic education are important in Romnia and other European countries, said Katainen.

He also mentioned the Investment Plan for Europe.

He said there are many resources, but their use is very important, and that is one of the reasons for his presence in Romania, to warn the private sector, to tell them that there are many available resources, provided they want to invest in research and development.


PM Ciolos says predictability, continuity needed for long-term investment projects


Soon to be kicked off are approaches for the erection of two hospitals in Bucharest, Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos told a Citizens’ Dialogue on Thursday, alongside the European Commission’s Vice President, Jyrki Katainen, on an official two-day visit to Romania.

Ciolos emphasised that as far as long-term investments in Romania are concerned, a weak point is “the inability to keep promises” and carry projects through.

He also talked about the way long-term projects are inked in Romania, be them financed from European funds or from the national budget, and also about the need for transparence in unfolding these projects.

“Transparence is also a way of self-control and of public control of the efficiency of using funds and there are some issues we should settle in the quality of project preparations, then as regards implementation quality and in particular coherence, predictability and continuity in the political decisions we make and the capacity to finalise a project that lasts for 3 – 4 – 5 years, 6 years,” added Ciolos.

He said a weak point in the Romanian system is “the inability to keep one’s word.”

Ciolos stressed that “continuity and predictability are needed in such investments.”

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