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April 17, 2021

Romanian Football Federation launches history of Romania’s national soccer team

At a news conference on Thursday, the Romanian Football Federation (FRF) launched a history of Romania’s national soccer team by journalist Catalin Oprisan that narrates almost 700 matches in the 94 years of the side’s existence.

Attending the conference, FRF Chairman Razvan Burleanu said the book was necessary in order to understand “who we are, what our heritage is and what we have to bring forward.”

“This is a moment of joy because this is training camp time for the national team, and we are talking about a book. At the same time this is the opportune time to remember all the victories of the Romanian soccer team and those who brought fame to Romania. This is an important book, because history helps us understand who we are, what our heritage is and what we have to bring forward. It is history that starts in 1922 and goes up to today, a collection of stories about the national side. It is a book published with FRF support, but its contents are fully Catalin Oprisan’s,” said Burleanu.

Author Oprisan said the book combines less known stories about the national side with statistics.

“The starting idea for the book was that any fan of the national soccer side should remember at least a few details about the team. One such detail is that the national team started off a bit pushed by Queen Marie, the advocate for a national soccer team. I have tried to find many unknown bits, particularly from before 1945. This book is like the story of the nation side, with some statistics at the end. I do not believe the book would have been more successful had it been launched before the EURO 2016 European soccer championships. All who love the national side will still love the team even after defeats. The book stops after the European Championships, but there is a page about Mr Daum [the new manager of the national side] added with the finishing touches,” said Oprisan.

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