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June 24, 2021

PM Ciolos: Illegal logging – national security problem

Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos says that illegal logging represents a national security problem, for the solving of which action is required “in various directions,” and invites citizens to get involved in the process of forest protection and recovery.

“More than just an environmental problem, illegal logging represents a national security problem. That is why we are acting in various directions. This week we made the penalty regime harsher – in some cases, the fines have been doubled – and we introduced over 100 new sanctions for abusive logging. Moreover, we have granted additional responsibilities to forest districts, the Police and Gendarmerie. At the same time, we have clarified the provisions on the establishment of shelterbelts,” PM Ciolos wrote on Facebook on Friday evening.

Ciolos points out that these measures are part of a wider package, which the Government is working on.

“These measures are part of a wider package, that the Government is working on, which, among others, includes the establishment of a clear record of forest owners and administrators, making more transparent and checking the forest planning, regenerating the forestry lands from where timber has been exploited, improving the integrated information system for timber tracking (SUMAL) programme,” Ciolos says.

At the same time, the PM invites the citizens to further get involved in the process of forest protection and recovery. “You can notify the illegal logging through the “Inspectorul Padurilor” (Forest Inspector) application, Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos also says.

The emergency ordinance on the establishment and sanctioning of forestry contraventions, adopted in Wednesday’s Government meeting, introduces over 100 new penalties and in the case of those existing the fines have been at least doubled, Environment, Waters and Forestry Minister Cristiana Pasca Palmer announced in a press conference on Thursday.

“In the Government meeting yesterday [Wednesday, August 31], we adopted three bills at the proposal of the Environment, Waters and Forestry Ministry, all these representing a vital improvement to the forestry area,” Cristiana Pasca Palmer said.

She pointed out that these are the emergency ordinance on the establishment sanctioning of forestry contraventions, the emergency ordinance on shelterbelts and the Government resolution for the approval of the regulation on capitalising on the timber of the state-owned forestry fund.

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