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May 19, 2022

Seven migrants of Kosovo, Ethiopia and Eritrea, found while attempting to cross border illegally

Seven migrants from Kosovo, Ethiopia and Eritrea have been detected on the night of Friday to Saturday by the border police officers within the Border Police Sectors Moravita and Sannicolau Mare – Timisoara Border Police Territorial Inspectorate, while they were trying to illegally cross the border.

According to a release sent to Agerpres, the Sannicolau Mare border sector police officers noticed with thermal vision equipment in the vegetation near the border with Serbia, on the direction of the Valcani locality, two persons who weren’t supposed to be in the area.

Thus, the border police officers initiated a specific action, tracking, on the side of road between Valcani and Teremia Mica, two women who were taken over and transported to the headquarters of the Border Police for investigations. “Following checkups, it was established that the two persons are citizens of Ethiopia and Eritrea who entered the country legally, based on personal documents and valid visas, however, because their visas expired, they tried to illegally cross the border, in order to go to Germany,” the release points out.

According to the source, the Moravita border police sector officers, Timis County, last night found, near the border with Serbia, five men who tried to illegally cross the border to Romania.

“The persons in question were taken to the Moravita Border Police Sector for investigations, where it was found that they didn’t have identity documents on them, and following the preliminary checkups, it was established that they are citizens from Kosovo, aged between 25 and 35. They said they left Serbia planning on reaching a state in Western Europe,” the release says.

Investigations are ongoing in both cases for offenses of fraudulent state border crossing attempt and fraudulent state border crossing, the seven persons going to be handed over to an operative team within the Timis Immigration Service, for legal measures.

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