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December 1, 2020

AFI Aventurier, the largest adventure park in an European mall, opened its gates for the visitors

On September 1, AFI Palace Cotroceni inaugurated AFI Aventurier, the newest and the most modern indoor adventure park, which is unique in the European trade centers. AFI Aventurier was made with an investment of more than EUR 200,000, but on the occasion of this opening, AFI Palace Cotroceni is strengthening its leader position in the entertainment field, compared to the other trade centers in the country.

„We did it in the past. We started with the first roller coaster inside a shopping – mall in Europe and we are doing it today with the largest Adventure Park in a shopping-mall in Romania and it’s one of the largest in Europe. This Adventure Park continues the effort to renew ourselves and to bring a better customer experience to our visitors and we will continue to do it in the future. We have great plans ahead”, stated David Hay, CEO at AFI Europe Romania.

“At this moment, AFI Palace Cotroceni is one of the most complex retail projects in Romania, benefitting from a privileged positioning, both in terms of accessibility and of the large number of hosted brands. We’ve positioned ourselves not only as a trade center, but also as a destination offering multiple shopping and entertainment options. The entertainment field will undoubtedly continue to consist in a strength and in an attraction point for our visitors, as well as, not least, an integrating part of our medium and long term development strategy”, stated Sorin Scîntei, General Manager at AFI Palace Cotroceni.

“We’ve chosen to open the first Adventure Park of this kind in Romania in AFI Palace Cotroceni, because it’s the only trade center in the country which allows such a project, both in terms of structural strength and of the perspective of dimensions and design. At the same time, other things we’ve considered were the high traffic of the trade center and the accessibility. The construction was made together with professional climbers and it benefits from some of the newest and most modern safety systems on the market. We will focus in the next period of time on developing AFI Aventurier with a route for children aged 4 to 14 years and on the construction of a climbing wall” added Liviu Iane, General Manager at Capitala Aventurii, the company who developed this project.

AFI Aventurier includes a route for adults with more than 25 segments having various levels of difficulty. The highest reachable point in the adventure park is almost 26 meters high, which could be compared to the height of a 9-floor building.

Another spectacular thing hosted by AFI Palace Cotroceni is represented by the 250 sq. m. spider web, the biggest one in a Romanian adventure park. It was made of almost 1 kilometer of rope and it contains over 100 meters of knots that form the bonds.

At the same time, the longest flying fox from an European trade center was installed in the adventure park located in AFI Palace Cotroceni, with a dimension of 110 m. Sorin Scîntei inaugurated the flying fox by testing it and proving how safe it is.

AFI Aventurier has some of the most modern safety systems used by the adventure parks. A performing safety equipment was introduced in the new project developed in the trade center. Each element is secured and it does not allow any participant on the route to open his/her safety system. A team of 15 climbers will permanently supervise the activity in the park.

Being asked how many clients are expected to try this new experience, David Hay, CEO at AFI Europe Romania said that he cannot mention a specific number: “I really cannot give you a number, but for sure we expect many people to come and to try this new experience. I am sure that it will be thousands and thousands, because you really don’t have this experience anywhere else inside a shopping mall and for sure not in Bucharest”.

Besides the adventure park, the entertainment offer of AFI Palace Cotroceni was completed this year also by other genuine projects, namely the MaxFun entertainment center, the Gymboland playground for children, as well as the Ice karting representing a premiere in Romania.

Asked about the AFI’s future plans, David Hay told us about the company’s project to expand the commercial area with about 6,000 sq. m., thus bringing the mall to a total area of 90,000 sq. m. This way, AFI Palace will become the largest mall in our country and one of the largest malls in the South-East Europe.





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