End of Parliament’s term: New parties, new parliamentary groups, defections and recruitment

The end of Parliament’s term finds some MPs on opposite sides compared to the moment they became members of Parliament. Disgruntled, dozens of MPs left PSD and PNL in the hope that things would be better somewhere else. Some formed new parties and convinced other colleagues to follow suit. The most recent example: the United Romania Party (PRU).

Bogdan Diaconu left PSD in 2014. He started recruiting MPs to form a nationalist party. Two years later, the United Romania Party is trying its luck in Parliament.

“I filed a request, with 12 Lower Chamber MPs, to form a parliamentary group during this final session. The United Romania Party is waiting for Victor Ponta to come alongside it and at its helm, in order to have a resounding success in the parliamentary elections this autumn,” PRU President Bogdan Diaconu said, boasting with a cascade of recruitments before the legislative elections.


Ponta, awaited to join PRU


Five other MPs have recently decided to join the United Romania Party. Most of them left PSD. Among them, persons close to Victor Ponta. At the same time, former government spokesperson Mirel Palada also joined PRU. Sebastian Ghita has started the negotiations too, however he has said he is yet to take a decision.

Although Sebastian Ghita says he is yet to take a decision, Bogdan Diaconu’s party is growing by the day.

Most choose to leave PSD: Senator Daniel Savu, Lower Chamber MPs Ion Eparu, Cristian Rizea and Marius Manolache, the latter being Victor Ponta’s godson. Six other MPs announced their transfers just last week. Bogdan Diaconu’s latest recruit is Mihai Sturzu, who left PSD. The PRU President is waiting for Victor Ponta to join the party.

UNPR was the Social Democrats’ trusted partner ever since Parliament started its current term. The party, founded by Gabriel Oprea, recruited dozens of PSD MPs and eventually merged within the Popular Movement Party.

“I believe there are very many Romanians who want to choose something other than PSD or PNL,” former UNPR President Valeriu Steriu stated.

In the Senate, the Social Democrat dissidents gathered around Mircea Geoana, after the latter was kicked out of the party.

“In the following weeks we will meet with the initial group of MPs,” Senator Mircea Geoana was saying at the time.

At first he persuaded dozens of MPs, but the euphoria soon abated. Now, Mircea Geoana’s Social Romanian Party (PSRO) has only a few MPs left.

In 2012, PSD and UNPR had 224 MPs. In the meantime, UNPR left the parent-party and other MPs opted for PSRO and PRU. Thus, PSD has lost a total of 35 MPs in four years’ time.

The Liberals had their deserters too. Calin Popescu Tariceanu resigned from PNL two years ago, dissatisfied with the fact that the Liberals left the government. At first he created a Liberal platform.

“This is, if you want, a warning signal for the backsliding that PNL is currently registering. I’m talking about the deviation from the statute, I’m talking about the decision to merge with the Democrat Liberal Party, I’m talking about the decision to leave the European Liberals’ family,” Calin Popescu Tariceanu, currently Co-President of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE), stated back then.

By merging with the Conservative Party (PC), the Senate Speaker formed the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE). The party managed to have representatives both within the Senate and the Lower Chamber.



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