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October 31, 2020

Sign that Ciolos wants to govern in 2017 too: Premier to come up with draft budget for next year

Dacian Ciolos is preparing to govern after the parliamentary elections scheduled in December too. The Premier gave the signal last Wednesday when he announced that he will prepare the budget for 2017. The announcement came less than a day after Finance Minister Anca Dragu publicly stated that the 2017 budget would be part of the future government’s portfolio.

On Tuesday evening, Finance Minister Anca Dragu had stated that the 2017 budget has to include the vision of the future government, and so the current government would not draft next year’s budget.

Dragu pointed out that the law states that in election years the budget is drafted by the future government. “We are working on the numbers, but the future government will draft the budget and will come up with its own vision,” Dragu stated on Realitatea TV.

Less than 24 hours after the Finance Minister’s statement, Premier Dacian Ciolos made a completely opposite statement: “We will do our job including in what concerns the budget; we will see whether we will adopt it within the government or not. A government can be installed if the party or parties that will form the government will come up very rapidly with a governing platform and a governing team. I talked with the President – he won’t wait 20 days to convene Parliament,” Ciolos revealed on TVR.

Normally, any political party that wants to govern should complain that a caretaker government is deciding next year’s budget. With the exception of PNL. This can be a signal that the Liberals might have struck a deal with Ciolos in view of a future government or of Ciolos remaining Premier with the Liberals’ backing.

PSD was the only party that complained that the technocrat Premier wants to draft the budget for 2017.


Dragnea warns Ciolos over budget issue: “I hope he won’t forget the limits of his tenure”


On Thursday, at the end of the meeting of PSD parliamentary groups, PSD President Liviu Dragnea stated that he hopes the government would not come up with a draft budget this autumn, considering that “it cannot be entrusted with bequeathing a budget for next year.”

“Someone told me that the government is planning to come up with a draft budget during this autumn’s session. Someone told me that the government is planning to come up with the draft government decision this autumn. I hope he won’t forget the limits of his tenure. The current government cannot be entrusted with bequeathing a budget for next year,” Liviu Dragnea stated on Thursday.

In what concerns the date of the elections, Dragnea accused the Liberals of putting pressure on the Government in this sense.

The December 11 date for the parliamentary elections is “a mistake on the part of the Government,” according to Liviu Dragnea.

Asked for an opinion on the government’s intention to come up with a draft budget this autumn, Dragnea emphasised that he hopes the government “won’t do it.”

“I hope he doesn’t forget the limits of the tenure. The current government doesn’t have the authority; it cannot be entrusted with bequeathing a budget for next year. I know that PNL exerted significant pressure, that the two co-presidents were very firm and insisted a great deal for December 11 to be the date of the elections. What I had said publicly I also told Premier Dacian Ciolos when we talked on the phone: November 27 seems to be a natural date for the elections in order for Romanians to focus on the holidays in December and because we have to create these conditions for them. They didn’t want to. Unfortunately, there are consequences, because the budget can be approved in February and the local budgets in April. These were the main reasons I brought up when I conveyed my point of view,” Dragnea stated.


Basescu: Government has the legal obligation to send a draft budget to Parliament


Ex-president Traian Basescu, leader of the Popular Movement Party (PMP), took an opposite stance.

“The government has the legal obligation to send a draft budget to Parliament and it’s the legislative body’s decision whether to take on the responsibility to start 2017 with this year’s budget,” PMP President Traian Basescu stated on Thursday.

“It has the legal obligation to draft a budget and to send it to Parliament. If the Parliament considers it has to be debated it will do so; if not, Parliament will take responsibility for the fact that 2017 will start with this year’s budget, but the Government has the legal obligation to send the draft budget to Parliament,” Traian Basescu stated at the end of the meeting with the MPs that joined PMP. He made the statement when asked for his opinion on the Ciolos Government’s intention to draft a budget for 2017.

Basescu opined that PMP’s opinion “is that the budget has to be drafted by the party or alliance that will govern.”

“You can support the political platform used in the campaign only with identifiable financial resources. I find it hard to believe that the Ciolos Government has the same priorities as a government that, for example, would be led by PMP or would have a PMP majority,” Basescu added.

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