Former Vice Premier Oprea says Audi A8 legally purchased, still in Home Affairs ministry garage

The former Vice Premier Gabriel Oprea, former Interior Minister on Tuesday said upon exiting the Supreme Court’s Hqs. that the automobile Audi A8 was legally purchased and he had put a single resolution on the document “legal measures.”

A new hearing took place at the High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ, Supreme Court) in the file he is prosecuted for abuse of office in connection with certain sums of money spent from the Intelligence and Internal Protection Department (DIPI) budget.

“It wasn’t me the one who set the price, nor the brand, nor anything, considering that during my tenure as many as five thousand vehicles were purchased. I left the ministry, and the car is still there, in the garage of the Home Affairs Ministry, I didn’t take it home,” said the former minister.

This May, Gabriel Oprea was sent to court by the anti-corruption prosecutors in a file on the DIPI activity.

According to the DNA prosecutors, Oprea with help from other two culprits under investigation, has decided the supplementation with 410,000 lei of the funds for the DIPI’s operative expenditure and approved the purchasing of an Audi A8 with the stated purpose of ensuring the dignitaries’ protection.

Prosecutors with the DNA have ordered a criminal investigation of 18 employees of the Intelligence and Internal Protection Department (DIPI) of the Interior Ministry (MAI) in a case where six former senior DIPI officials are already prosecuted for misuse of funds earmarked for operational spending.

The 18 will be investigated for misuse of funds, embezzlement, accessory to abuse of office, false representations and use thereof.

The prosecutors say the DIPI employees, under the pretence of spending for intelligence operations drawn up reports approved by senior officers under which money from operative funds were illegally used for protocol activities, organisational endowment or for personal purposes by managing officers.

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