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January 23, 2022

Natural disasters – major concern for European authorities

The frequency and magnitude of natural disasters have substantially increased over the years. Floods produce human tragedies and huge economic loss, having at the same time serious and irreversible consequences for the environment. However the flooding risks can be reduced through transnational, interdisciplinary projects, in which all parties are co-interested.

The research European project FLOOD-serv, developed within the Horizon 2020 Programme, aims to prevent the floods’ disastrous effects via social networks and smart technologies.

FLOOD-serv emphasizes citizens’ involvement within the risk areas, through the joint power of IT networks (networks of people, knowledge, sensors) to raise awareness of flooding risks and to identify solutions for risk mitigation and coordination of actions in case of calamities. We are talking about an information system which intelligently ties in a huge volume of information on flooding, from a wide range of sources (sensors, social media and open data). Finally, it makes the data available to beneficiaries (citizens and public officers), on any kind of device, either fixed or mobile, such as tablets and smart phones, laptops and PCs.

 „The FLOOD-serv project considers the social impact as a key development factor. It is not limited to the development of <<online communities>>, but it also includes all the situations that people face in everyday life. The only viable and solid solution against vulnerabilities, including the natural ones, such as flooding risks, consists in changing the people’s behavior. So, the platform is based on content generated by citizens, mediating the connection between them and the responsible public authorities, through social networks and mobile technologies”, states Monica Florea, this project’s coordinator and manager of Research & Development Projects Department within SIVECO Romania.

FLOOD-serv is a research project in which SIVECO Romania has a very important mission for the first time – to coordinate a project at European level. The platform will be implemented by 12 partners from 7 countries (Austria, Spain, Romania, Portugal, Slovakia, Italy and Greece).

The extent of the project is 36 months, from August 1st, 2016 to July 31st, 2019.

 SIVECO Romania is the only Romanian software company that provides IT services directly to the European Commision organizations.

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