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August 17, 2022

Ponta’s possible departure for PRU: To be or not to be

*Former PM nuances his statements about possibly joining PRU: PSD has the first option. It’s the coach’s decision; instead of keeping a player on the bench you’d better transfer him to another team


Against the backdrop of increasingly persistent rumours about his possible departure from PSD, the party that consecrated him politically, Social Democrat Lower Chamber lawmaker Victor Ponta stated on Sunday evening that it is up to PSD President Liviu Dragnea to decide whether he will join the United Romania Party (PRU) in order to help it enter Parliament, stating that instead of having a player that you keep on the bench it would be better to transfer him to another team instead.

“This is the coach’s decision. We take the decision together and he can loan us out. When you have a player who doesn’t make it on the starting line-up, instead of keeping him on the bench or in the stands, let him play for another team and he’ll return when you need him,” Victor Ponta stated on Antena 3, talking about his possible “transfer” to PRU.

Asked whether the PSD leadership’s decision will be to transfer him to the party led by Bogdan Diaconu, he said: “We are negotiating.”

Asked whether on December 11 he will be elected as a PSD or a PRU MP, he said the leaders of PSD and PRU should be asked instead.

“PSD remains the first option. Always, under any circumstances, at any age and at any moment,” Ponta said, pointing out that he would never harm PSD.


Dragnea: I will try to get in touch with Ponta in the following days in order to meet. PSD needs Ponta


On the other hand, PSD President Liviu Dragnea stated on Sunday evening that he will try to get in touch with Victor Ponta in order to ask him to get involved in the party’s election campaign, including in the drafting of the governing platform.

“I believe this discussion should end in the following days. Victor Ponta is one of the most valuable people PSD has had, a good party president, a good Premier, among the best Premiers; he did good things along with us, with the entire team. PSD needs Victor Ponta, Romania needs Victor Ponta,” Liviu Dragnea stated on RTV.

He added that he wants the topic closed in a positive sense.

“I want us to put an end to this topic as soon as possible, in a positive sense. He didn’t get into a fight with me, I didn’t get into a fight with him. He talked more about this on television, I talked less. I’ll get in touch with him in the following days in order to meet and I hope he will start working by my side, by our colleagues’ side, in order to finalise the governing platform and to go throughout the country and talk to the people and tell them what we are going to do for them,” the PSD President added.


Basescu: PRU won’t enter Parliament, not even with Ponta at its helm. It’s a diversion typical for Ponta


The United Romania Party will not enter Parliament, not even with Victor Ponta as its President, the ex-premier being interested in creating yet another party with which to negotiate, Popular Movement Party (PMP) President Traian Basescu stated on Sunday evening, labelling the initiative “a diversion, one of Ponta’s tricks.”

“PRU won’t enter any Parliament, not even with Ponta at its helm. This is a typical diversion, one of Ponta’s tricks, he wants to create yet another party with which to win more votes,” Traian Basescu stated on RTV when asked whether he is concerned that PRU will tap into PMP’s constituency.

Basescu also stated that Romania does not need an extremist party and told Ponta he does not know what fear means.

“What should I tell Ponta, this man is a lie dispenser; of course, he still manages to fool Romanians (…) because he irresponsibly squandered financial resources. But let’s talk about fear; I’ve seen him running away from the set, he runs away every time one wants to ask him something. (…) The thing with fear goes like this, one of these office midgets talks [about it], but in what concerns me, I’ve been through storms in the Pacific, in the Atlantic, there was a fire on my ship, I took my ship through a war zone. (…) If I’m supposed to be afraid of Ponta or Diaconu or this party, maybe Ponta doesn’t know what fear means. I cannot be afraid of words. And in what concerns nationalism, I believe Romania doesn’t need an extremist, nationalist party that picks up the EU flag and tosses it away,” Basescu said.

Victor Ponta stated on Sunday evening, on another television channel, that it would be good for public health for PRU to tap into Basescu’s constituency.

“I’m glad he says these things. I repeat. PRU tapping into PMP’s constituency would be a very good thing, an act of public health. I’m honestly telling you, I saw his nervousness about PRU and I was happy. He’s scared to death because PRU will win the votes of people who believe in these national values, you should know it will leave Basescu and PMP at 2 percent, which will be very good for Romania, not having him in Parliament anymore,” Victor Ponta commented.


Tariceanu: I don’t believe Victor Ponta will leave PSD


Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE) Co-President Calin Popescu Tariceanu stated on Sunday on RTV that he does not believe Victor Ponta will leave PSD to join PRU, claiming that “he is too connected” to this party and he does not believe that Victor Ponta “is looking for a party to join.”

“We haven’t talked recently. I don’t believe he [Victor Ponta] will leave. In my opinion that would be a mistake, but I don’t believe Victor Ponta could make such a gesture. I believe he is far too connected to PSD. Of course, maybe he has a certain dissatisfaction that I can understand based on certain considerations,” ALDE Co-President Calin Popescu Tariceanu stated on RTV, against the backdrop of speculations according to which Victor Ponta is about to join the United Romania Party.

Tariceanu said he went through a similar situation.

“After you are no longer president of the party you believe you still have a thing to say. You believe you still have a thing to say and you want to make your point of view heard. Of course, the new leadership has a different point of view, different options. You are not always in the most comfortable position. It’s only human after all,” Tariceanu added.

The ALDE Co-President also stated that he left PNL only after former PNL President Crin Antonescu took the decision “to betray the Liberal ideology and to join the EPP.”

At the same time, Tariceanu also dismissed the rumours according to which Victor Ponta is allegedly mulling joining ALDE, stating that it does not seem to him that Ponta “is looking for a party to join.”

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