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May 8, 2021

LabMin: 26 Romanian families affected by Italy earthquake applied for aid; 23 still under consideration

The Romanian Ministry of Labor has already processed 26 applications from Romanian families affected by the earthquake that shook Central Italy on August 24; 23 applications are still under consideration, Minister of Labor Dragos Pislaru told Digi24 private broadcaster on Monday.

“At this point, we got 26 families that we have considered giving aid to, we are now looking into 23 files, and one application has already been sent and submitted in Timis County. We now have 5 complete files and they are to be submitted; therefore we have already started the procedure to allocate the funds. There is one aspect to be clarified: people want cash because they don’t have bank accounts and, what is very important, the Romanian Consulate offered to manage dispensing cash or handle the transfers to accounts of family members,” Pislaru said.

The minister explained that, as a first, a team made up of a psychologist, social workers and the labor attache with the Romanian Embassy is to investigate on the scene whether affected Romanians are eligible for aid and to help them out with the applications.

Under a governmental decision passed last week, Romanian children left orphans after the death of their parents in the earthquake in Italy will be awarded emergency governmental aid of 6,000 euros, according to a decision passed.

An additional 1,000 euros in aid will be granted per each family member killed in the earthquake, to be awarded to the surviving family member or relative up to and including twice removed.

The decision also provides for covering the hospitalization and recovery costs for those injured in the earthquakes who are not insured and whose costs are not covered by the Italian Government.

The Government also approved 10,000 euros for families and singles whose homes have been more than 50 percent destroyed by the earthquake and still residing in Italy, with the total amount of the aids from the Romanian and the Italian government not to exceed the estimated price of the houses.

Another aid approved by the extraordinary meeting regards 3,000 euros for families or singles who are not homeowners and who have nowhere to stay as a result of their usual housing units having been destroyed, irrespective of whether or not they decide to stay in Italy or return to Romania.

Financial aid to the tune of 1,000 euros will also be granted to a relative up to and including twice removed travelling to Italy to support the survivors of the families affected by the earthquake. At the same time, the decision provides for the award of 3,000 euros to employable adult-age people returning to Romania in order to support their reintegration..

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