Tariceanu: Attempt being made to remove influential political leaders. I believe this goes for Victor Ponta too

Senate Speaker Calin Popescu-Tariceanu considers that the case concerning ex-premier Victor Ponta, who has been remanded under court supervision for 60 days, could be his political opponents’ attempt to “take him out of the [parliamentary elections] race.”

“I know nothing other than what has appeared publicly and it would be unnatural for me to sit and comment on the charges brought against him. At the time of election campaigns, we’ve seen what happened in the local elections, [there was] a forceful intervention that removed many candidates. It seems the start of the parliamentary elections campaign brings about the same cliché seen in the local elections; an attempt is being made to remove influential political leaders through accusations whose reasonableness no longer even matters later on. The important thing is for them to be taken out of the race and I believe this goes for Victor Ponta’s case too,” Calin Popescu Tariceanu stated for Agerpres.

Asked who would gain from Victor Ponta’s possible removal from the electoral race, Tariceanu said: “Normally his opponents.”

“These are aberrations that appear periodically, especially from those who know they will no longer be on the lists and are trying to resort to a blackmail of the blackest dye,” the Senate Speaker said when asked about possible situations in which those who want to run in the elections are offering bribes in order to be able do so.

In what concerns ALDE, Calin Popescu Tariceanu added that there are criteria for nominating the candidates and that the stipulations of the law on campaign contributions and the financing of political parties have been respected in the local elections.

“In what concerns ALDE, we have a series of selection criteria for those who want to run for a seat in Parliament. Firstly, for those who are already MPs, what matters is the way in which they carried out their political activity from a qualitative standpoint, but also from the standpoint of their attendance in Parliament. We are trying to promote people who have credibility at local and national level and we expect all those who want to run for office to be able to finance their elections campaign. The elections campaign can take place and we are doing nothing but what is stipulated by the law on campaign contributions and the financing of political parties. There are some caps stipulated by law, which we have respected in the local elections too. We will do the same in the parliamentary elections,” Tariceanu explained.



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