8th edition of “Marketing in Direct” : The best marketing strategy ever

mid-vizual-macheta-a44-cover-800In his famous book from 2009, “Crush It!”, deemed a Bestseller by the New York Times and Wall Street Journal, the entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuck has a chapter called “The best Marketing strategy, ever”. The whole chapter is compressed in a single word: “care”. That’s all. Customer care. It seems to be matter of minimal common sense, isn’t it? And yet, so many companies outsource one of the most important precious goods: customer care.

A world living in real time needs a real time service. We’re living in an era where buyers are permanently online, connected to the social networks (also) through the mobile devices, and the 24 hours in which we could answer the requests are now an old system and a luxury which we don’t have anymore. Over the time, the most annoying thing in the interaction between the client and the seller company was shown to be listening the robot messages, in which is underlined the importance of the customer for the company and how much his fidelity is valued. Regardless of how small or big is your company, customers have to be treated as they are, without scenarios. Sales representative has the duty to empathize, creating a unique emotional connection, given by his/her personality, thus finding solutions to the real needs of the buyer. Customer care cannot be falsified.

Speaker at the 8th edition of the “Marketing in Direct” conference, Stela Todersacu – Commercial Marketing Manager Avon stated: “AVON became well-known to the Romanian women as the pink ribbon brand. At the same time, we are the company for women. This is not just a statement, it’s the commitment to be near them both in the happy moments and in the difficult ones”. Robotic systems will not function too good when at the other end of the line there is a person full of emotions, angry and upset, even he/she is a good-payer of the products/services provided by your company. Alexandru Negrea, Social Media Consultant and Speaker at the 8th edition of the “Marketing in Direct” conference said that “Few years ago, no one was taking seriously the activity of a social media manager. Today, every company already has or is seeking for people who are as well trained in the field. Such a job requires a set of technical, analytical and creative skills, since the people from social media became some kind of ninja of the online, with the explosion of all social networks. But what makes the difference between the best and the rest, are the abilities to have an interpersonal relationship.  That’s what’s about, people want to connect with people, they want to work with people, to buy products/services from people. Once you got that, things are going to become simpler and you will manage to connect faster and better to your target public.”

The consumer’s voice is stronger than ever. From the simplest request, on any social network, the advices, the suggestions, the opinions and the comments on the subject seem not to stop. There are a lot of alternatives, appreciations or criticism. By looking at his own business, Marian Alecsiu, the F64 co-founder and Speaker at the 8th edition of the “Marketing in Direct” conference, thinks that “Social media creates communities, not marketplaces. Therefore, it’s a channel helping the connection and not just a strategy to support sales. We encourage the bidirectional communication and the content which is useful and relevant for the photo community across the country.”

Not at last, to have more loyal customers, real communication is crucial, as well as the delivery beyond expectations. Regardless of the product or the service provided by your company, you will always have a connection with your client and you can learn from his experience. This experience is telling you something, first of all about yourself and your vision on how to manage a company. Daniela Tudor, Communication and Personal Branding Consultant and Speaker at the 8th edition of the “Marketing in Direct” conference, thinks that “A well targeted question has the power to change the course of a life.”

At the same time, Alex Dona, the Infant Media owner and Speaker at the 8th edition of the “Marketing in Direct” conference, stated: “If we, the so-called media specialists, totally like what happens in social media on one of our customers’ accounts, there is obvious that something is wrong. If we would have had all the answers, social media didn’t need to exist. Social media must not represent the brand’s values, it has to be the brand in its interactive component, otherwise it will turn in nothing else but a money pit with more than doubtful results. As in the real life, some people do it and they succeed, others don’t.”

If you dare to be your consumer’s customer, you are expected on September 29 at the “Marketing in Direct” Conference.

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