Fares cultivates 13 types of herbs on 130 ha in Hunedoara County . From Orastie, over 20 million teas and herbal products arrive annually in the Romanian homes

More than 20 million teas and Fares herbal products arrive annually in Romanian homes leaving from Orastie to the 20 warehouses in the country and, from here, in over 5,000 supermarkets, health stores and pharmacies.

At the Fares factory there are manufactured about 400 herbal teas and products, which are based on health beneficial ingredients grown on 130 hectares owned by company in Hunedoara county, around Orastie town. The whole manufacturing process is carried out in exactly the same place where the company was founded, eight decades ago.

Regarding their own cultures on the hills in the heart of Dacia, Fares cultivates 13 types of herbs such as: chamomile, peppermint, lavender, sage, Echinacea, chanterelle, and tutsan, yarrow, plantain, rosehip, Velcro harrier and even shock and lime. The plants used by Fares as certified raw materials originate from own cultures or from external sources checked and purchased by trained personnel, based on some rigorous procedures. Before leaving the warehouse, each box of tea goes through about 20 hours of analysis, carried out in different stages of processing and production, and each natural remedy complex under a form of capsules up to 48 hours of analysis.

Over 850 employees of the Fares factory are involved in the process of achieving the 400 products in its portfolio: 180 kinds of medicinal teas in bags and envelopes, nearly 70 varieties of capsules and tablets, over 75 kinds of syrups, tinctures, oils ointments.

“Fares is one of the oldest and most authentic brand in Romania. The company’s success comes from keeping the tradition of using medicinal plants and the constant discovery of new ways of using the plants in the service of human health. Thus, Fares became the market leader in teas and of the herbal remedies in Romania, and today we are happy to see how appreciated by consumers are our products such as Plantusin syrup, Babycalm teas, Body Perfect, Easy digestion, Hepatocol, the chamomile or lime, and the other recently developed brands such as Biomicin capsules or Hapciu soluble remedy” , said Nicoleta Dărămuş, director Fares.

A special attention in the last five years has been given to the modernization of the factory to meet the current standards. € 2.5 million were invested in production facilities, equipment, logistics, training the personnel and the implementation of the systems’ quality, so that Fares consumers can benefit of the products with high therapeutic value.

The Fares story starts from the times of the Dacian ancestors, then has revived in 1929 at Sarmisegetuza, through the work of the pharmacist Andrew Farago, the pioneer of the Romanian phytotherapy.

Currently, Fares is the market leader in teas and herbal remedies in Romania, due to the respect for tradition and passion with which the entire team of specialists discover new ways of using the plants in the service of the human health.



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