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April 11, 2021

Almost 50 M euro paid on agri-environment measures to 30,000 beneficiaries

Almost 30,000 beneficiaries will receive state aid on agri-environment measures for 2015 accounting for 49.87 million euro, according to last week’s endorsements, to which rd 216 million euro are added, namely the pay for areas that are confronted with natural restraints or other specific restraints, the Agency of Payments and Intervention for Agriculture (APIA) informed on Thursday.

The APIA has authorized for pay, in the 2 – 8 September interval, for the 2015 Campaign the sum worth 49.87 million euro for 29,650 beneficiaries of the rural development measures funded from the FEADR through the National Rural Development Programme (PNDR 2014-2020). Thus, as many as 12.67 million euro for 11,720 farmers were authorized to be paid on Measure 10 – Agri-environment and climate, with the related packages and sub-packages, and for the Measure 11- Ecologic Agriculture with the related sub-measures and packages – 3.60 million euro to 1,537 farmers.

According to the source, on Measure 214 – Pay for the agri-environment, with related packages and sub-packages, the amount of 18.1 million euro for 16,393 farmers was authorized to be paid, in addition to the 15.5 million euro already paid in December 2015.

“The sum of 49.87 million euro corresponding to the previously mentioned measures is added to 215.99 million euro for Measure 13 – Payments for areas confronted with natural restraints or other specific restraints, where authorization started in May. Payments are done progressively, as the farmers’ files are processed and validated on the whole working flow within the computerized system, for each payment scheme the request was made for,” the APIA release says.

For the FEADR support measures where aid is granted annually (for example, Measure 214, Measure 10, Measure 11, Measure 13), the exchange rate is the 1 January’s of the year which the respective request is paid for, according to European regulations, 4.4828 lei for 1 euro, respectively, the agency says.

So far, the APIA has made payments for the 2015 Campaign worth 1.952 billion euro to 930,194 beneficiaries (98.53pct of the total beneficiaries), on all kinds of funds – the European Agricultural Guarantee Fund (FEGA), the European Fund for Agriculture and Rural Development (FEADR) and the National Budget.

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