Dacian Ciolos, reaction to the photo in the airplane, from Economy Class

PM Dacian Ciolos posted on Thursday on Facebook a short comment related to an article criticizing his performance and the performance of other ministers and asserting that they are making image exercises. The article refers to the photo in which the PM was caught in the airplane, at the Economy Class, along with the other passengers.

“I am not also comfortable with all this talk about the Economy Class. I am using Economy Class since I was working to the European Commission. Since I am a PM, I flew many times at Economy. But now, with this photo (which I didn’t knew before seeing it in the newspapers), people think that it’s my PR campaign. Why cannot we accept normality as normality, without so many speculations?” commented Dacian Ciolos under the post on Facebook which promoted the critically article related to him and other ministers.

The article criticizing the PM was posted on a website for young people, and it was called “I like the Ciolos Government, but I can’t stand the image games around it anymore”. The author of the article actually claims that both Dacian Ciolos and other members of the Government are making image exercises exactly like politicians trying to seem ordinary people who do not have special privileges.

PM Dacian Ciolos went in Germany on Sunday, where he paid an official visit. The official traveled at the Economy Class of a TAROM flight.

When he boarded the aircraft, Dacian Ciolos was invited by a stewardess to take a seat at Business Class, but he refused, saying that he will stay where the seat was assigned to him. Being seen by the other passengers, PM shouldered one’s way with the luggage to his seat, sitting next to the head of the Chancellery, Dragos Tudorache. All the official representatives, around 8 people, have traveled with the Economy Class, according to TVR.



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