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September 19, 2021

Romanian Police advise 4,700 fellow citizens on Bulgarian seaside

The Romanian police aided and advised, for two months, 4,700 fellow Romanians who spent their holidays on the Bulgarian seaside, according to a Romanian Police press release.

July-August, 16 Romanian police officers were dispatched as part of Bulgarian-Romanian public security patrols to the Albena, Nessebar/Sunny Beach, Golden Sands and Balcic Black Sea Bulgarian seaside resorts.

The Romanian police officers, all Bulgarian speakers, were distributed two in groups of eight and dispatched June 30-July 31 and August 1-31, respectively, to the four resorts.

The Romanian officers were not in charge of investigating crimes or giving fines, but only supported their Bulgarian counterparts in preserving public peace and safety and facilitating contacts between Romanian tourists and Bulgarian authorities.

It is the seventh such mission of the Romanian police in Bulgaria, allowing tourists to speak directly to Romanian police officers in order to solve their issues abroad.

Over two months, the Romanian policemen dispatched to Bulgaria advised and aided 7.767 tourists who needed directions and information on Bulgarian legislation.

A number of 178 Romanian tourists were involved in incidents at Bulgarian seaside resorts, out of which 153 were victims of car thefts, scams, car accidents and various other incidents.

Under a programme that started in 2010, the Romanian and Bulgarian police act in common to preserve public peace and safety especially during holiday seasons (summer and winter) in areas with a high presence of Romanian and Bulgarian tourists.

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