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October 1, 2020

Rowdy elections at PNL’s Bucharest District 2 branch

On Wednesday, Anca Boagiu (photo) was re-elected president of PNL’s Bucharest District 2 branch, with 379 votes in favour and 16 against, while her contender Romeo Pop won only 20 votes in favour. The elections were not uneventful.

The two candidates argued during the entire meeting and continued to do so even after the results were announced. Their supporters were just as passionate.

The dispute started when candidate Romep Pop complained that he lacks representatives within the vote-counting commission.

Romeo Pop, candidate for the presidency of PNL District 2: “Please support me in order to have some people within the counting commission too, which is a fairly important commission.”

Anca Boagiu, candidate for the presidency of PNL District 2: “I didn’t expect mistrust to appear between two former combatants, between two party members.”

According to Digi24, there were also accusations that the “envoy” of one of the candidates was distributing envelopes with cash within the meeting room. Romeo Pop’s proposal to have the vote-counting commission replaced was rejected. Consequently, the results were loudly contested by the candidate and his supporters.

PNL First Vice President Adriana Saftoiu intervened in the dispute too and reprimanded the members of both camps. The row, sparked by electoral fraud suspicions, prompted Adriana Saftoiu to state that what is happening between the party’s PNL wing and PDL wing is “a disgraceful spectacle.”

Adriana Saftoiu, PNL First Vice President: “If you imagine this spectacle is damaging for one person alone, you are mistaken. The way we behave and what we are seeing here, it’s not a merger. What we are doing here is shameful.”

Romeo Pop, a stage actor by trade, insisted that the meeting lacks a quorum and had a heated exchange with the First Vice President who had come to monitor the proceedings.

Adriana Saftoiu: “There are other ways for you to become a star, not like this!”

Romeo Pop: “I am a theatre star.”

Adriana Saftoiu: “Stop interrupting me, at least because you’re a man.”

Romeo Pop: “I can’t stand the lack of democracy.”

Anca Boagiu, elected president of PNL’s Bucharest District 2 branch, drew the sad conclusion of the events.

Anca Boagiu, PNL District 2 President: “Are we still in touch with the citizen and with the party’s voters? I believe not. That’s why we registered those results. That is why people have sought refuge in civil society.”

PNL District 2 was the last of PNL’s Bucharest branches to elect a single leader. For many years prior to the merger with PNL, Anca Boagiu had been president of PDL’s Bucharest District 2 branch.

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