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March 21, 2023

The M10 Party has a new leadership

The party founded by the MEP Monica Macovei (photo), M10, has a new leader. Florin Stan is the new President of the Party, after Ioana Constantin’s resignation. The M10 National Political Bureau has decided on Friday by voting in unanimity, according to the party’s Statute, the new President among the Vice Presidents elected in the M10 General Meeting since June 2016.

At the same time, Ovidiu Simion is the new Secretary General, after Eduard Wagner’s resignation from this position.

“M10 continues its way by considering the principles and values from which it started. Our objective for the parliamentary elections is for M10 to enter the Parliament. We’ve started the campaign to collect signatures and we invite all those who believe that it’s time for a new political project with clean, integer, competent people, to join us. I thank to my colleagues for their efforts from the last months. I am sure that they will stay near us and that together we will succeed to achieve the objectives we assumed”, stated Florin Stan.

Florin Stan is 44 years old, he is an entrepreneur, he’s married and has on child. He is a member of M10 since the M10 Association period; subsequently, he was the interim President of the Ilfov County, Regional Secretary for the South area of the country, and at the internal elections he was elected to be the Vice President of the party.


Ioana Constantin: I strongly believe that M10 is the cleanest party on the Romanian political stage in this moment


“I have resigned from the position of the M10 Party’s President. With me, Eduard Wagner, M10 Secretary General, Lucian Popa, M10 Vice President, and Ada Cean, Regional West Secretary also resigned. The attributions of the M10 President were taken by Florin Stan, as a result of the National Political Bureau, according to the party’s Statute. I wish you good luck, Florin! To you and your team!

I do not wish to give details on the reasons now, I had to make this announcement, given the position I am leaving.

My message for my colleagues is to continue to prove that M10 has antibodies and that it will never make any compromise for the sake of one or more persons, and that will never put the personal interests of some people above the organization’s interests. Because M10 is making a different kind of politics, and things have to stay like this.  Too many new political initiatives have been crashed exactly by those who founded them. Too many new political initiatives have been kneed because of the small people’s petty vanities.

Today, at the end of this road, I have the belief that there are honest, clean people in every corner of this country. I can assure you that M10 people are people who might turn Romania into a country in which we can be glad to grow, study, work, live, get old.

Today, M10 has more organizations than it had when the new leadership began its mandate, it is a party that internally functioned as an organization in these last months, a growing party. I am proud of the team I’ve worked with. We were and we will continue to be a team. In the same way in which, in the territory, M10 county presidents are clean people, having jobs or their own business, and not local barons. I have an infinite consideration for all these people. I’ve won friends here. It was an honor to work with you.

I thank to all those who have been together over the time – regardless if they still are members or not -, all of you have contributed to this construction. It was an honor to work with you in the last year. I strongly believe that M10 is the cleanest party on the Romanian political stage in this moment.

For me, the road stopped here. I wish good luck to my colleagues!” is Ioana Constantin’s message addressed to her party fellows after her resignation.


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