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Argentinian tango evening dedicated to seniors with Maestro Carlos Maturano, at the Cervantes Institute

The Association for Culture and Tango in partnership with the Cervantes Institute, are organizing a new Argentinian tango evening at the Cervantes Institute, on September 12, from 7.00 pm to 9.00 pm.

The event will be held in the Cervantes Institute’s hall of events, and it will include:

– The screening of the movie “Tango Eterno” by Sina Moser, performed with the support of the National Tango Academy of Austria;

–  An Argentinian tango demonstration held by Maestro Carlos Maturano and Heide Schmollgruber, the Argentinian tango masters invited at the European Week of Tango in Romania. Being formed in the art of the tango dance in Buenos Aires, Maestro Carlos E. Matuano is an expert in the tango pedagogy, history, techniques and music. Since 2012, he is the President of the National Tango Academy of Austria and Director of European Tango School.

The movie “Tango Eterno” is a documentary about Norma Electra Felicidad Luissi, an Argentinian tango dancer who is more than 90 years old, a beautiful age, dancing tango even today. Norma is Carlos Luissi Maturano’s mother, a tango master having more than 66 years of tango experience, who will open this evening dedicated to seniors.

A savory person, with a name that seems taken from a novel of the magic realism signed by Marquez or Sabato, the nonagenarian Norma Electra Felicidad Luissi has an original message for the Romanian tango lovers:

 “I am 90 years old and I’m dancing tango ever since I can remember right in the places where it was born (e.n. – Argentina). When you dance tango, you are your own limit. Don’t accept it, you are the only one who decides where your limits are. It’s commonly accepted, for whatever reason, that I am too old to continue to dedicate myself to this dance, but I won three top championships in Buenos Aires and many other regional championships, which means that I am taking it very seriously. Age is only a completely conventional, stupid, inane number in the ID. Do not give credit to this number, it didn’t convince me and it will not convince you either. Tango saved my life, in its absence nothing would make sense to me because it’s indivisible, inseparable from my blood and my life, it’s music for my veins and my memories. Tango keeps alive in me all the beautiful people who shared the same embracing of the dance with me since I was young, and I can still feel its tempo. Here’s the miracle that only tango can do, don’t waste it. I embrace you, Norma Electra Felicidad Luissi, Argentinian tango dancer, 4th of August, 2016”.

The access will be free, based on booking made at the cultbuc@cervantes.es email address, aiming to promote the Argentinian tango for all age categories, in particular for seniors.

 The event is part of the “Tango for all” project, funded by the European Commission trough the Erasmus+ Program, conducted by the Association for Culture and Tango (A.C.T.) in partnership with the Argentinian Tango Academy Association (Romania, Bucharest) , National Tango Academy of the Republic of Austria (Austria), A.S.D. Claudio & Barbara Tango (Italy), Association Mouvements Dances (France), Argentine Tango Dance Theatre Association (Hungary).

Organizers: The Association for Culture and Tango, Argentinian Tango Academy Association

Institutional partners: Romanian Federation Sport for All, Cervantes Institute, the Embassy of Argentina, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Info Europa Program.

Media partners: RFI Romania, Bucuresti Fm, Radio Romania Cultural, Sport Total Fm, Vibe Fm, Agerpres, Observator Cultural, Business Woman, Catavencii, Nine O’ Clock, Bursa, Tonica, Actualitatea Muzicala, Ziare.com, Garbo.ro, Divahair.ro, Catchy.ro, PRWave.ro, SensoTV.ro, nuntidebasm.ro, VPTV (regional television), Best Fm Prahova, Republikanews.ro, Bizbrasov.ro.

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