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January 26, 2022

Klaus Iohannis wants political Gov’t after elections

A political Government will be formed after the parliamentary elections, President Klaus Iohannis stated, emphasising that the technocrat Government led by Dacian Ciolos was just a stopgap solution. Likewise, the Head of State pointed out that it “would not be wrong” if some members of the Ciolos Cabinet were to want to run in the elections.

“The discussion about a technocrat prime minister and a political prime minister… I can tell you my opinion very simply and very clearly: a country must have a political government. It is very simple,” the President said.

According to him, the current technocrat government was a stopgap solution, for a limited period of time.

“The fact that during the crisis period we proposed a person with no political affiliations – and you remember that I asked Mr Ciolos at the time to propose a politically independent government, namely a technocrat government – was a solution for a limited period of time. I believe that after the elections we cannot talk about anything else but a political government,” the Head of State pointed out.

Referring to the possibility that Ciolos Government ministers could run in the elections, Iohannis said that it “wouldn’t be wrong” for some of them to want to enter politics following their experience in the Government.

“New people could come from the Government too, without me having anyone in mind in particular, but theoretically one can imagine that certain persons, who have become maybe more visible or more interested in politics given the offices held, could decide to enter politics. That wouldn’t be wrong,” the Head of State explained.

Likewise, Klaus Iohannis emphasised that he talked as early as last year about the need for political parties to open up and for “new people” to appear on the political scene.


Ciolos Gov’t ministers who could run in parliamentary elections


Several members of the Ciolos Cabinet are mulling the idea of entering politics following the December 11 elections. European Funds Minister Cristian Ghinea and Health Minister Vlad Voiculescu have clearly stated that they are thinking about running in the elections. Likewise, there are rumours that Economy Minister Costin Borc also plans to do so.

Justice Minister Raluca Pruna pointed out that Ciolos Government ministers would bring added value to the party on whose lists they would run.

Nevertheless, Public Consultation Minister Violeta Alexandru stated she dislikes duplicity and a decision on whether the ministers want to be technocrats or politicians should be taken faster and should be presented to the Head of Government.

Premier Dacian Ciolos pointed out that he would not mind if several ministers wanted to run in the parliamentary elections, but he asked them to make the announcement in a timely fashion, since they would have to resign if they decide to run in the elections.


Ponta’s reaction to Iohannis’s statement on the future Gov’t


Victor Ponta sees President Klaus Iohannis’s statement about the future Government as a criticism levied against the Ciolos Government. The ex-Premier stated that “after a year of mistakes” the President “has had enough with the technocrat government” and has warned that the Government should be formed by those who win the most votes.

“He has reassured me. I understand that after a year of mistakes Mr. Iohannis has had enough with the technocrat government too and agrees with us that a political government is needed. He has realised that those who win most votes from the Romanian people have to lead,” Victor Ponta said.

In his turn, Liviu Dragnea has stated that after the elections he expects the Head of State to respect the law and appoint a Premier from the party that forms the majority in Parliament.

“I expect Mr. Iohannis to respect the people’s vote. If PNL wins the elections and forms a majority with other parties, it’s natural for him to appoint a Premier nominated by PNL. Similarly if PSD wins,” Liviu Dragnea said.

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