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January 21, 2021

PNL believes time for technocrats has passed: Technocrat Gov’t showing limits

*Liberals will announce their parliamentary candidates by September 25

*Blaga will most likely be campaign chief


National Liberal Party (PNL) Co-President Vasile Blaga no longer believes the technocrats are the solution for Romania. The Liberal leader believes the technocrat solution was what was needed after the Colectiv tragedy, but that moment has passed and starting this winter Romania should have a political government.

“The technocrat Government was a necessity, we, the PNL, could not come to power by stepping over dead bodies. On the other hand, the technocrat Government is showing its limits too. On one hand [we have] PSD, not interested in this because it has a captive electorate, on the other hand some “Snow Whites,” people who are saying all is the same, they are the nation’s salvation, but nobody knows what they did before. That is precisely why we are being attacked from all quarters, both by PSD and by those who see themselves as the Jacobins of politics,” Vasile Blaga stated last Friday, in Eforie Nord, at the National Liberal Youth’s (TNL) Political School, an event that took place on September 8-11.

The fact that the Liberals are losing patience with the technocrats and no longer want to handle them with kid gloves was proven last Thursday too, when PNL Co-President Alina Gorghiu criticised Dacian Ciolos for not sacking secretary of state Gabriel Biris faster following the scandal concerning the technocrats’ bid to change the Fiscal Code through an emergency ordinance.

“Gabriel Biris’s resignation today means the Finance Ministry gets away pretty cheaply with the ugliest PR crisis this Government has been put through close to the end of its term. Those of us who backed it were placed in great difficulty. But the answer is simple: had I been the Premier, I would have sacked Biris yesterday, I wouldn’t have waited another 24 hours,” Gorghiu wrote.

The PNL leader emphasised that the same advice goes for Finance Minister Anca Dragu too, who recently talked about a new draft on modifying the Fiscal Code.

“Let me remind some: their term lasts four more months and they cannot do with an ordinance what a legitimately elected Parliament has to do,” Gorghiu also wrote.


“The main battle is with PSD, sometimes however we Liberals make life hard for ourselves too”


On Friday, in Eforie Nord, Blaga also stated that the party is waging the main battle against PSD in view of the parliamentary elections, but that sometimes the Liberals are making life hard for themselves too, pointing out at the same time that if they were to get along with each other as well as he gets along with Alina Gorghiu then PNL would win.

“We are waging the main battle against PSD. We don’t have to condemn those who vote PSD, under no circumstances. They do it because given the situation in their counties, in their regions, they see no future for themselves or for their families and they settle for little, they rely on welfare. I’m convinced that the state’s policy is wrong too, since a salary is not much higher than welfare. We have problems and we will have to explain to these people that there are also other solutions much healthier for them and their families,” Blaga said at the opening of TNL’s Political School.

He encouraged the young people present at the event to get along with each other as well as he is getting along with PNL Co-President Alina Gorghiu, pointing out that if that were to happen then PNL would win the parliamentary elections.

“Sometimes we make life difficult for ourselves too. Through leaks. (…) When you say things at such a meeting it’s called a debate, not gossip. Very many of our colleagues have become active now, when the party lists are being drawn; not much during four years, not much in the public debate, not much in the local elections battle. Very many are throwing jabs at each other through leaks; why is one better than the other, what is his background. That some dominate the others. I want you to get along better with each other. And if you were to get along (like he gets along with Alina Gorghiu – editor’s note), you should know that this party would win,” the PNL Co-President stated.

Vasile Blaga pointed out that the Liberals should have the courage to take right-wing measures and to favour the creation of jobs.

At the same time, he announced that it seems he will be in charge of the elections campaign for the parliamentary elections.

“If next week we will define the elections campaign team, some of us present here at this table will be part of it. Based on how I see the theories advancing within the party, I will almost definitely lead the campaign, you should know I never lost one. For that, I am asking all of you to work, to have courage, to state your opinions within the offices, within the county executive councils. (…) And at the same time to understand, with all the respect I have toward county branches, that the lists are signed off by the party’s leadership as a whole and I will never agree with one or the other being on the list [just] because he is Gorghiu’s or Blaga’s man. No! You have to be the National Liberal Party’s men. And there’s room for all, because we’re not talking about Parliament alone, we are also talking about governance. Governance means good people in all areas,” PNL Co-President Vasile Blaga stated.


“Eligible candidates should finance the campaign”


At the same time, Vasile Blaga also announced that the politicians who will run in the elections on eligible party list positions should finance the elections campaign, with each candidate’s contribution set to be established and the sums to be publicly declared.

“Those of us who run on positions we will consider eligible we will also contribute to supporting the central elections campaign. How and how much will be made public, so that there won’t be controversy, just as we did in the local elections. I clearly told the press: each candidate contributes this much. It will be used in the central campaign too, because PNL doesn’t get the money from the Moon,” Blaga said, being quoted by news.ro.

Asked who will be the Liberals’ nominee for the office of Premier, Vasile Blaga answered:

“It’s too early. You should know we’re not depending on anyone. PNL is a strong party. We can nominate a candidate for the Premier’s office just from among the people who have had results in local structures, because this is what it is about, about a Premier proposed to the President, because he will eventually appoint him. We won’t have problems here.”

Vasile Blaga stated that each local party branch will establish its list of candidates for the parliamentary elections, then the lists will be approved by the party’s central leadership.

Asked by journalists whether central politicians will run in local constituencies, Blaga said that their number will be low. He pointed out that party branches should reveal their candidates around September 25.

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