President Iohannis at the new school year opening: Education is path to success, and not corruption, nepotism, deceit or facile earnings

Over 3 million of pupils and preschool children have started on Monday, the first semester of 2016-2017 school year.

The new school year has 35 weeks of school, totaling 169 working days and has 2 semesters: September 12, 2016 – February 3, 2017, and February 13 – June 16, 2017.

Education is the path to success, and not corruption, nepotism, deceit or facile earnings, President Klaus Iohannis said Monday at the new school year opening at “Mihai Eminescu” High School in Bucharest.

“For many years, it seems that education is not necessarily the path to success in Romania or that, in fact, other things matter more, that not always competence and performance lead to appreciation, promotion and prosperity. The message I want to send you those present today, but also to all those who are listening and to those who begin school classes is the following: education is the path to success and it must be the path to success in our Romania, not corruption, nepotism, deceit of facile earnings, but education, determination and honesty,” Iohannis said.

He added that he proposed for Romania, in his capacity as President, a society based on values, and with this thought in mind he launched the “Educated Romania” project, which concerns a different kind of education, adapted to the needs in society.

“‘Educated Romania’ is about values and the vision that will generate solutions, that is why I started the dialogue on this project in the society, from specialists, teachers, parents, interested people, and not from politicians,” the head of state mentioned.

Iohannis showed that next week there will be a new regional debate on this project, which will approach a sensitive topic – the assessment of the pre-university system education results.

“The figures at the Baccalaureate exam show the same sad reality. Each year, a part of that generation actually ends up on the streets, and before the Baccalaureate there are a great number of pupils who don’t get grades above 5 at the National Evaluation exam. The phenomenon, however, begins a lot earlier, from the primary school (e.n at ages 6-10). ‘Educated Romania’ cannot afford leaving anyone on the streets, waste any talent or destroy any future. School is the one that builds character, inspires values, reveals and highlights what is best in everyone,” said the President, who invited all teachers nationwide to participate in the debate.


President asks authorities to take measures so that all schools get sanitary license


President Klaus Iohannis on Monday asked the representatives of the institutions involved in the educational system to take all measures so that no schools in Romania run anymore without sanitary or fire safety licences.

“We’ve spoken lately about the need that the Union’s Centennial in 2018 finds the Romanian school in a new stage, with a vision-oriented direction and in particular ensuring at least decent conditions for each pupil in this country. Some things have had a slower start, but some things haven’t moved a bit. Since we have here representatives of the main bodies which the fate of the Romanian education depends on, I take this opportunity to draw attention once again – take all measures so that in Romania there will be no school with no sanitary or fire safety licence,” said Iohannis, who participated on Monday in the opening of the new pre-university school year at the ‘Mihai Eminescu’ High School in Bucharest.

He added that he wants the state to grant the pupils a quality school, where they should be safe, and to the teachers – a place to feel respected in.

“This will require order in the system, coordination between central, local authorities, precise plans and a lot of responsibility. This is not easy, yet it is imperative,” the head of state specified.


Iohannis to pupils: Honesty in school will shape you


Success in life is built through education, and honesty in school will be the one shaping and also the one at the base of pupils’ performance, President Klaus Iohannis stated on Monday, encouraging children to read.

“Dear children, I encourage all of you here and the hundreds of children that start the school today to learn! The first advice that my parents gave to me was to read. And I read. Hundreds, thousands of books. Today times changed. You have everything at your disposal, whole libraries, online books, tablets, you have the freedom and the opportunities that my generation didn’t have. So read as much as you can and learn! This is your responsibility (…) Because I talked about values and about the “Educated Romania” that starts from the values, I encourage you to do one thing – be honest, not for the teachers, not for the parents, but for yourselves. As I said earlier, success in life is built through education. Today it seems easier to copy a summary from the internet than to read the book, to study, to think about doing it yourself, but the effort that you are doing now will return equally in the future, and honesty in school will be the one that will shape you and sit at the backbone of your performances,” Iohannis told the pupils, while attending the opening of the new school year, at the “Mihai Eminescu” High School in Bucharest.

He advised the pupils to study and to follow their dreams “passionately.”

“Each of you has a great potential. Some of you already like mathematics or geography or foreign languages. Others still explore what they could study in the future. Among the ones present here, there are future doctors, teachers, economists, politicians, writers, artists, engineers. I encourage you to study and follow you dreams with passion,” the President said.


EduMin Dumitru: We are still far from the school we want and our children deserve


Education in Romania is still far from what the children deserve to have, Education Minister Mircea Dumitru said Monday.

He joined President Klaus Iohannis in attending a back to school ceremony at the Mihai Eminescu National Collegiate High School of Bucharest.

In a speech to the ceremony, he mentioned school dropping out and poor results in national competitions.

“We are still far from the school we want and our children deserve to have. (…) We witness each year how tens of thousands of students complete high school without getting the Baccalaureate school leaving diplomas and without getting a sure qualification that would allow them to pursue a significant career and live a decent life. (…) And if we add to this desolate results the alarming percentage of school dropping out before finishing the mandatory formal education cycle or those who, in every generation, rank modestly in international tests, a worrying picture emerges of the state of education and schools in Romania,” said Dumitru.

At the same time, he mentioned also the national high schools and collegiate high schools that provide quality education.

In the minister’s opinion, “consensus is required over the values, visions and missions for the formal education system in Romania.”

Dumitru also spoke up in favour of a customised educational system that will serve the talents and interests of students.

“I do not believe in industrialised education – that style of education based on depersonalised templates. I do believe that in order to meet the current needs of the Romanian society, developing the dual vocational education system (…) can be a realistic solution to dropping out and to decreasing the number of students failing to win a Baccalaureate diploma,” the minister said.

He added that Romanian schools will have to undergo structural change.

“We want schools to make children think better, more clearly and more precisely. (…) I am inviting the dedicated teachers who have preferred to keep a low profile and work intensively on their students to get involved in the management of their schools,” added Dumitru.


PM Ciolos to pupils: Don’t seek titles with no content, no progress comes from that


ciolos-fetestiPrime Minister Dacian Ciolos encouraged the students, at the beginning of the school year, to have confidence in their own forces, not to seek only good grades and “empty titles with no content,” that won’t bring progress on a personal level.

“I encourage you to have confidence in yourself, in your path, and hold on to it, don’t necessarily seek good grades, but try to assimilate and understand what you learn, don’t look for titles empty of meaning, like others do, because they are gained without a progress. I believe that Romanian school must change, school must leave space to express yourself and to learn the meaning of responsibility,” the Prime Minister said, at the “Carol I” High School, in Fetesti, where he attended the opening of the school year.

He underlined that the current generation of pupils “will be the one that will finalize the changing process of Romania.”

The Prime Minister brought to mind that this year the Pupils Statute was amended, and it is a document that establishes rights and responsibilities for the pupils, mirroring with Teachers Statute.

“It’s an approach for a culture of dialogue between teachers and pupils and among all school community members. I invite you to trust your teachers, to have the courage to talk to them and ask questions, don’t be afraid to be wrong from time to time and don’t fear walking on new paths. I want to highlight that this pupils statute doesn’t mean that an official document that formalize somehow the possibility to prove a lack of respect for teachers. The teachers are here to guide you, you owe them respect, but not from a sense of duty (…) but because when we are not able to grant respect to other beings we can’t respect ourselves. And, if we don’t respect ourselves we can’t feel accomplished,” the Prime Minister told the pupils of “Carol I” High School, in Fetesti.



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