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August 3, 2021

PSD accuses PRU of using database of Ponta’s presidential elections supporters as anti-PSD weapon

The Social Democrats are accusing the United Romania Party (PRU) of “targeting the political base of the Social Democratic Youth (TSD) organisation and of the Social Democratic Party (PSD)” through a campaign directed toward those included in the database of persons who supported Victor Ponta in the presidential elections of 2014.

“Noting the enthusiasm with which PRU has started a communication campaign, through mobile telephony and the internet, I want to kindly ask the leadership of PRU and those who are carrying out this communication campaign to respect the law on the protection of personal data and to be careful when using the database of Victor Ponta’s supporters in the presidential elections of 2014. The fact that we have received signals from several young PSD sympathisers and supporters about the messages they have recently received from the United Romania Party, prompts me to publicly ask for an end to this electronic communication campaign that targets TSD’s and PSD’s political base,” TSD President Gabriel Petrea stated in a press release.

He expressed his conviction that “a party on such a thundering growth trend, such as PRU, has sufficient means to build its own database to use in its communication campaigns.”

“When you plan to win a score of 15 percent, you have to have a vast and sophisticated public relations machinery and very thorough knowledge of those you reach out to. Otherwise, I don’t believe that plagiarising what happened in a previous campaign is the way to go, because it is both inefficient and disrespectful toward the citizens,” the Social Democrat concluded.

Last Thursday, PRU President Bogdan Diaconu called on his PSD and ALDE counterparts to join the initiative to topple the Ciolos Government, an initiative his party wants to start next week, while at the same time accusing them of “feigning opposition.”


 PRU President Bogdan Diaconu: People who worked with Victor Ponta are calling their collaborators to come work for him again


PRU President Bogdan Diaconu stated on Friday for Mediafax, in response to PSD’s accusations, that the people who worked with Victor Ponta have joined PRU and are reaching out to the people they collaborated with during Victor Ponta’s presidential campaign in order to invite them to work for him again.

“Very many of those who worked for Victor Ponta’s campaign and who are Victor Ponta’s supporters have joined the PRU project precisely because PRU proposes Victor Ponta as future Prime Minister. These people have vast contacts and are reaching out to those they collaborated with during Victor Ponta’s presidential campaign in order to invite them to come work for Victor Ponta again,” the PRU President stated when asked whether PRU is using Victor Ponta’s database of supporters.

Bogdan Diaconu stated that PRU’s activity does not exceed the current legislation “not even by an inch.”

“PRU’s activity, both from the standpoint of political activity and from the standpoint of public relations and of informing citizens about PRU projects and initiatives, is carried out in line with Romanian legislation and does not exceed its provisions, not even by an inch,” he claimed.

The Social Democrats have accused the United Romania Party (PRU) of “targeting TSD’s and PSD’s political base” through a campaign directed toward those on the database of supporters that Victor Ponta had in the presidential elections of 2014.

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