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August 12, 2022

Raluca Pruna: Thousands of prisoners could be freed earlier

Justice Minister wants to change the way in which sentenced people are freed, to solve the matter of the crowded prisons.

Thus, thousands of prisoners could be freed soon.

The dignitary proposed the simplification of the way in which sentenced people are paroled, but she reassured us: only sentenced people who have proven that they were corrected and paid the damage will be let free.

The announcement was made by Raluca Pruna in the TV show called “In front of you” at Digi24, broadcasted on Sunday.

“We’re talking about few thousands of people. Yes, many people will be freed, but not on any terms. To be paroled, you have to execute a fraction of the sentence – that’s what it’s called – and to have had a behavior indicating that you are corrected”, stated the Justice Minister, who insisted that this is not a form of amnesty.

“If we amend the terms of the parole, we’re not doing it by changing the fraction of the philosophy of the Criminal Code, but by seeing in what consists the obstruction at the level of the courts that postpone these people repeatedly several times, so the institution of parole becomes uninteresting”, said Raluca Pruna.

This measure could be taken in the circumstances in which Romania was convicted repeatedly in the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) because of overcrowded prisons.

Besides, 4 years ago, ECHR adopted a quasi-pilot decision regarding Romania, after hundreds of convictions have gathered for violating human rights because of the congestion and inadequate conditions from the 44 prisons in the country.

One of the solutions is the one that the Minister announced in the show called “In front of you” – a bill that would introduce amendments to reduce the number of unjustified postponements for parole of the prisoners who have an exemplary behavior and who have executed the mandatory fraction of their sentence.

Other solutions, like building new penitentiaries, are expensive for the budget, for the moment. Around 10,000 detention spaces would be needed, which would exceed EUR 1 billion, Digi 24 informs. Besides, it would take some time.

Rearranging some spaces of the Ministry of Defense, namely former barracks, offered to the Justice Ministry exactly for expanding the detention space, would also require budgetary expenses.

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