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June 25, 2022

Microchip Technology extends the lease in AFI Park 1, with additional 1,000 sqm

Microchip Technology Romania has extended its Bucharest office with 1,000 square meters by taking a higher floor in the AFI Park 1 office building, where there will work approximately 100 new employees. In a fully equipped office space,  with the latest equipment and performant measuring instruments, the team in Romania focuses on the design and the validation of new solutions to global clients in the automotive market, industrial, medical, and telecommunications.

This year, the Center for Research and Development of Romania celebrated the 10th anniversary from the opening, with the branch of Microchip Technologies Inc. The company has grown considerably in the recent years, currently having approximately 200 specialists, who create products and innovative global systems from the semiconductor range. Starting with only analog projects, Microchip Romania is now a working environment for the specialized designers in digital and analog and the engineers of applications, that are working closely with the global partners as part of the design solutions and new technologies for the microcontrollers, memory and analog devices.

In April this year, Microchip has acquired the Atmel corporation, one of the most important competitors, designers and semiconductor manufacturers, enriching the offer with new models of microcontrollers, devices with radio frequency and flash memory, tactile sensors, chips and specific applications products from the Microchip range.

At the recent anniversary event in Bucharest was present Steve Sanghi, CEO Microchip, along with professors that have contributed significantly to the growth and development of the Centre, since its establishment.

“Once with the semiconductor industry consolidation, Microchip continues to develop a strategy for success, through a wide range of acquisitions, which doubled the revenue growth with the organic rate of appreciation compared to the results achieved in the recent years. The Atmel acquisition is the latest chapter of our growth strategy, which will carry forward the process of the operational scale and Microchip customer base”, said Steve Sangha, CEO Microchip. He said that Microchip Romania is in a continuous progress with a solid team, well integrated into the company culture, that develops successful projects for its customers.

Microchip and Atmel will continue to produce and provide assistance for the existing components, which are found everywhere: at home, in the car or in everyone’s pocket. Microchip has shipped over 12 billion of PIC® microcontrollers so far, and the Atmel mega AVR is the first chip that gave life to the first Arduino for MakerSpace. Along with Atmel, Microchip has the opportunity to combine the best AVR’s and PIC’s on a grand platform of microcontrollers. This acquisition will strengthen the company’s position as a global leader of analogue solutions, tactile, of connectivity, of memory or microcontrollers. According to Ganesh Moorthy, the Microchip’s Director of Operations, “joining forces and combining our product portfolios will offer the customers a richer portfolio of solutions, enabling the creation of new competitive products for the markets they serve.”

This is the 20th year in a row when Microchip has joined the Masters annual conference, held in Phoenix, Arizona – which has become a tradition for the products experts and the company’s clients. The experts had the opportunity to present, to exchange technical information related to the products’ portfolio and have discussed the plans for the year ahead. The conference theme “Inspire, Inform, Innovate” was a chance for the customers to obtain essential information for innovative ideas and applications. Moreover, the Masters program will be conducted at the regional level in various parts of the world, until the end of the year, to bring this information in front of as many customers worldwide. For more details, visit www.microchip.com/masters.

The company is constantly in a process of sustainable development, since entering the local market in April 2006. The education is very important for Microchip, therefore it focuses annually to the sponsorship of the electronic competitions organized by the Bucharest Polytechnic University for students, in order to strengthen the company’s relationship with the university environment. The company is constantly recruiting graduates of the Polytechnic, due to their good educational background and because they have the knowledge to develop successful projects for multinational companies in the field.


About Microchip


Microchip Technology Inc. is a US company, listed on NASDAQ, an important provider of microcontrollers and solutions for the mixed-signal, analogue and Flash-IPs, with low risks in the products development, the total cost of system is smaller and with accelerated sales time to the thousands customer’s applications worldwide. Headquartered in Chandler, Arizona, Microchip offers an outstanding technical support, demonstrating the quality and the response time at high standards. Since 1990, when Microchip started as an independent company, it has continued to grow organically, but also through acquisitions. In the recent years, it has acquired companies with the same profile as Micrel, ISSC, Supertex, SMSC and Rovin Networks, which it has successfully integrated in their business units.

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