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August 15, 2022

Valley 21, the first mountain resort with ecological residences in Romania, a new dimension of luxury

alta-poza-valley-21On September 10, the Valley 21 eco-touristic mountain complex was launched in the Northern slope of the Ciucas Mountains, nearby Vama Buzaului, Brasov County.

The event represented the inauguration of the first holiday home from the eco-touristic complex that was made with a Romanian – Dutch investment and within a public – private partnership with the local authorities.

The launching took place in the middle of the nature, on the George Enescu’s Romanian Rhapsody music, interpreted by the artists of the Brasov Philharmonic.

The Valley 21 eco-touristic holiday homes complex is a model of the future in terms of residences, since it combines the cutting-edge technology with the most efficient ecological solutions.

 “We chose Vama Buzaului, Transylvania, for the untouched beauty of these places and for the authenticity of the traditions. Our project is an ecological one, in harmony with the landscape and nature. Complex supply is made directly from the springs, the light comes from the solar panels, heating is performed by renewable sources. Moreover, we keep the comfort of a premium residency, offering home facilities like: house maintainance, rental, hospital center”, stated Gerard Doedee, one of the Valley 21 project’s founders.

The Valley 21 Eco-Touristic Mountain Complex, which will operate as a condominium, is made of 68 individual houses and a facility center. It will be completely made until 2020, on an area of 68 hectares, on the administrative territory of the Vama Buzaului Commune from the county of Brasov.

Both the project’s architecture and the chosen solutions to provide access to facilities consider the principle of the energy sustainability and the need to produce the lowest possible impact on the environment.

The Italian architects Luca Fornaroli and Giulia Valentini, tidily cooperating with the landscaping company Stijlgroep Architects from Rotterdam, have created a masterpiece right in the middle of the nature: a house that keeps the natural line of the land, without missing the comfort of a unique residency.

The houses, located nearby the Natural Reservation “Valea Zimbrilor”, have generous dimensions. There are four types of houses, measuring from 92 to 118 sq. m., with prices from EUR 167,500 to EUR 285,000. They are built only with high-quality eco-friendly materials. The Valley 21 residential eco-complex gives a new dimension to luxury. Interiors are very large, designed to make full use of each square meter.

The Valley 21 project is certified by the Romanian Council for Green buildings through the Green Homes program, which develops and implements a national system of standards and certifications for the green buildings. It is made through a public-private partnership for the land, concluded between Romanian and Dutch investors and the Vama Buzaului town hall. Besides, developing the newest mountain resorts means also to create new jobs for locals.

The mayor of Vama Buzaului commune, Tiberiu Nicolae Chirilas, stated for AGERPRES that this project, made with the local’s consent, will be integrated in the touristic development strategy of the region.

He recalled that there is a reservation of aurochs with 36 specimens in Vama Buzaului, founded at the end of 2008, attracting a large number of tourists, which will be extended in the future on 80 more hectares of forest, so that the animals can live in semi-freedom. Also, near the locality there is the Urlatoarea waterfall, a spectacular natural phenomenon, as well as various touristic routes to be made by bike.

The commune currently counts 3,500 people, most of them living from farming, forestry and small private business, but the objective of the local authorities is to make tourism the future main activity.

“We are beginners in tourism. We want to go slowly, we’re not in a hurry, because we don’t want to develop tourism just to simply do it, and then see that we made the same mistake that other localities did before (…) We want to develop a peaceful tourism, where people who come to relax will feel good and spend more time in the middle of the nature, listening the nature. That’s why we’ll be careful to what means architectural development; we don’t want to have pensions having nothing in common with the specific of the region. (…) We accepted even this project, Valley 21, entering in partnership provided that it will be in compliance with the environment, and that it will not disturb local people in any way, but helping them to promote this pastoral life developed in Vama Buzaului”, stated Tiberiu Nicolae Chirilas.




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