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March 29, 2023

Iohannis before Bratislava Summit: People are questioning EU’s relevance; we should focus on what unites us

President Klaus Iohannis stated on Thursday that “the world” is starting to wonder about the European Union’s future relevance, emphasising that avoiding the fragmentation of the EU is important. “The EU considers itself and is one of the big global actors, but we are finding out from leaders we are talking with, the world is wondering about the EU’s future relevance, about the way in which the EU responds to crises. It’s important to avoid the fragmentation of the EU, to focus on elements that unite, not on those that deepen the east-west and north-south view,” Iohannis stated at a press conference held at the Presidential Palace.

He pointed out that Romania wants the deepening of European integration. “We want Romania much more deeply integrated in all EU processes and we believe that a deeper integration is one of the solutions to the multiple European crises,” the Head of State added.

Referring to the EU-27 Summit, President Klaus Iohannis also stated that the double-speak shown by some European leaders, who are saying one thing in Brussels and doing something else at home, where they blame the EU for domestic mistakes and failures, should end.

“National leaders come to Brussels and talk well about the EU, about its future. The same leaders go home and start having a completely opposite discourse – they blame the EU for all the mistakes they do domestically, for the failures. This can’t go on,” Iohannis said.

The President added that the result of this duplicitous discourse is the rise of populist and extremist parties which will not come up with solutions for the EU, quite the contrary.

Iohannis also stated that there is the need for the deepening of European integration, for a flexible Union oriented toward cohesion, toward regaining credibility, both domestic and external credibility. The President added that there is the need for measures that would eliminate east-west and north-south cleavages instead of deepening them.


“Joining the Eurozone too fast to hurt economy; 2019 out of the question”


Romanian President Klaus Iohannis said on Thursday that a 2019 deadline for Romania adopting the single European currency is out of the question, adding that adopting it too quickly could damage the Romanian economy.

“The year 2019 has initially been rumored as a deadline for adopting the Euro. It was too optimistic a deadline, I’d say even unrealistic. 2019 is out of the question for us, but Romania continues to hold it as a strategic objective. When this happens we need to establish the experts who can assess if Romania fulfills the criteria, if the Romanian economy is really ready for it, because if adopted before time, it can damage the Romanian economy and we don’t want that,” Iohannis said at Cotroceni Palace.

He added that he has no firm deadline for the country’s joining the Eurozone.

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