Gorghiu attacks Ponta: “a fox guarding the henhouse.” Ex-Premier: “Gorghiu Dej dreams about Lucian Isar being Prime Minister”

Victor Ponta and Alina Gorghiu exchanged barbs again on Thursday. The Liberals’ Co-President called Victor Ponta “a fox guarding the henhouse,” after PSD tasked Ponta with presenting the financial policy included in the party’s governing platform. Victor Ponta responded by posting on Facebook a fairly acid comment about Alina Gorghiu.

PNL Co-President Alina Gorghiu stated on Thursday, in an interview for ‘Adevarul’ daily, that “PSD’s spokesperson on economic topics in this [parliamentary elections] campaign will be of unbelievable ruffianism.” She made the statement after Victor Ponta announced he will work on PSD’s governing platform and will handle something “that he handled very well, namely the Romanians’ money.”

“That’s what PSD always does, they put a fox to guard the henhouse, that’s how it is over there. I’m sure PSD’s spokesperson on economic topics in this campaign will be of unbelievable ruffianism. Unfortunately, we won’t be talking about governing platforms in this campaign either,” Alina Gorghiu told ‘Adevarul.’

Alina Gorghiu also talked about the Ciolos Government, saying “it has limitations imposed by the fact that they lack the support of a serious parliamentary majority.” She considers that a Government of technocrats can no longer work in 2017. “It will be a political Government, that’s a certainty,” Alina Gorghiu said.

Victor Ponta immediately attacked Alina Gorghiu on Facebook, following her statement about the Government of technocrats. The ex-Premier suggests that the Liberal leader wants her husband, economist Lucian Isar, to replace Dacian Ciolos as Premier.

“Comrade Alina Gorghiu Dej’s ideas are few and set in stone. She too has figured out, after a year, that the Government of technocrats is a disaster and now she is going to start shouting at the top of her lungs: ‘Ciolos, resign!’ I know that madam comrade keeps dreaming about her distinguished consort Lucica Isar being nominated Premier (that’s what they plan at night in the boudoir); I am wondering, as a simple citizen, will she shout ‘Down with Isar’ then too?!?!? Poor PNL, poor Liberals, I believe the Bratianus are turning in their graves with the speed of Airbus propellers!!!” Victor Ponta wrote.

After his meeting with Liviu Dragnea on Monday, Victor Ponta stated he will work on the party’s governing platform and will handle what he “handled very well, namely the Romanians’ money.”

“Liviu Dragnea has asked me to handle something I believe I am good at and I handled very well, namely the Romanians’ money. I know very well what the IMF, European Commission, World Bank and deficit means,” Victor Ponta said.

Dragnea pointed out that the governing platform with which PSD will enter the elections campaign will be discussed at the party’s Executive Committee meeting, a meeting scheduled to take place in the Danube Delta next week.

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