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December 8, 2021

Linde Gaz – 20 years of innovating in Romania

Linde Gaz Romania, the country’s leading industrial gases company and a leader in the global industrial gases market, is celebrating 20 years of innovation and investment in the wide-ranging and dynamic Romanian market. Having invested more than 315 million EUR since 1996, the company now has a team of almost 500 specialists in sectors including chemicals, glass, energy, food, pharmaceutical and medical, petrochemical and refining, clean fuels (hydrogen), steel and metal fabrication.

In 2015 Linde Romania recorded a record turnover of 531.6 million RON (about 118 million EUR).

“At the time of its arrival in Romania, Linde brought products and technologies which were entirely new at that time. We’ve constantly innovated in the 20 years spent here and this allows us to confidently look to the future “, said Ciprian Islai, Managing Director, Linde Romania. He added: “Linde gases such as hydrogen, carbon dioxide and oxygen make our lives better every day – supporting the technologies that keep us mobile and connected, our food nutritious and our health and wellbeing improved. We play a pivotal role in the entire product journey, from research and design, testing and analysing to manufacturing and delivery.  Industrial gases are essential components in the key activities of welding and refrigeration, food freezing, inerting, analysis and testing. Our distribution network covers all geographical areas, enabling us to supply our customers fast and reliable.  With more than 10,000 customers throughout Romania, we are proud of the fact that our activities here have a major impact on everything that surrounds us.”


Linde Technologies – Accessible performance


The common factors of all Linde projects are customer orientation and ongoing development of new technologies, designed to streamline and optimize their production processes. Linde offers customized solutions to companies with large gas needs, consisting of production facilities built at the customer’s location. But we also keep in mind our customers that are quite the opposite, namely those that primarily need mobility, a smaller volume of gas that can be easily transported to various production sites. For these customers we’ve developed GENIE® – an advanced range of lighter recipients, but with large capacity, covering the portability needs of mobile or occasional customers from various industries and which are easy to use thanks to the embedded digital display, gas identification rings and handles for gripping.

The experience of using Linde products must be defined as easy and safe. Having this in mind we developed the EVOS valves an innovation in the gas supply, with a unique and easy to handle design, another example of technology performance.

Giving customers what they want has driven Linde’s progress in Romania, from increasing the density of distribution centres to adapting to new market needs. Customers can find and order products with ease, either through the online store or directly via the Linde app. In addition to extensive information about Linde products available locally, the app also allows users to find their nearest centre, select their products, convert gas measurement units or contact the company for more details.

The creation of the Customer Service Centre (CSC) and SAP team in Timisoara, which serves Romania and other countries in Europe, emphasises Linde’s commitment to develop operations locally. The CSC provides advice and assistance for customers on the phone and online, pricing and product availability and even call handling for certain medical emergencies.

Linde is active in a number of corporate social responsibility projects in Romania with a particular focus on health. Working with the Children’s Heart Foundation, Linde Gaz contributed to renovation and equipment for the cardiology and neurology departments of the Marie Curie Hospital.

The environment is also a priority, and Linde is managing a major project in this area – Breathe Deeply, an education and public awareness initiative on the importance of air quality, conducted in partnership with The Green Revolution Association. It’s also involved in a project researching water quality and pollution levels, developed jointly with the University of Timisoara.

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