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May 18, 2022

President Iohannis at the informal European Council in Bratislava: Romania wants deeper integration in the EU; we want to be at the core of the Union

Romania wants a deeper integration in the European Union, President Klaus Iohannis said in Bratislava on Friday, underscoring that the authorities of Bucharest want the country to be “at the core of the EU.”

“Romania wants a deeper integration and, obviously, we want to be at the core of the European Union,” said Iohannis, who is attending the informal meeting of the European Council.

“Initially, the meeting was convened to discuss the future of the Union in the Brexit aftermath, but here we are getting to purely talk about the Union’s future. It is quite clear that we are trying to draw up a plan today, on what will happen in the coming months, until March when we celebrate the Treaty of Rome’s 60th anniversary, which actually led to the establishment of the Union. Until then, and this is what I have discussed with the leaders whom I had meetings with, we want to have a plan for the European Union,” the head of state pointed out, according to Digi 24 private broadcaster.

At the same time, Iohannis highlighted that Romania has “two points which represent essential parts of the national strategy – a principle of a deeper integration in the Union, with the two aspects: the accession to the Schengen Area and joining the Eurozone.”

“I believe that gradually, especially over the past few months, our partners have realised that Romania is a country which is only geographically on one side of the Union. In fact, we are very well prepared, we have proven we can deal without any kind of problem with this migration wave, we have protected our own borders very well, (…) we have managed to integrate a number of migrants who reached Romania. We are very well prepared economy-wise, too. (…) I believe that anyone could very easily tell that the fight against corruption is taken very seriously in Romania, with notable results, and these things have been seen very well in the EU, too,” the President underscored.

As far as Romania’s joining Schengen is concerned, also taking into account the recent statements on some countries’ support in this matter, Iohannis said: “Things are never simple and discussions are needed with more partners. I don’t wish to state names, but work is yet to be done. No one should imagine that the problem is solved. It took a positive turn, but work is yet to be done until solving.”

European leaders have met in Bratislava on Friday for a summit without the participation of the UK.

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