Vasile Dincu, first statement on his political future

Deputy Premier Vasile Dincu stated in a television interview on Wednesday that he will most certainly not run in the parliamentary elections and does not want to return to politics, but will remain close to the political scene as a journalist, commentator and professor.

“The future Government will be a Government formed after the elections, it will be a political Government. (…) I will probably not get too far away from the political scene. I am a journalist, I am a commentator, I am a professor of sociology, of communication, of political marketing, but I will definitely not run in these elections. I won’t return to politics except as a member of an independent Government,” Vasile Dincu said.

PSD President Liviu Dragnea was asked on Monday whether he sees Vasile Dincu as a Premier backed by PSD. He did not want to comment on this possibility, stating that it is too early to talk about names.

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