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September 18, 2020

Head of EC Representation to Romania aks parliament to ratify Paris Agreement before elections

Head of the European Commission Representation to Romania Angela Cristea expressed hope on Saturday that the Romanian Parliament ratifies the Paris Agreement on climate change before the legislative elections due this December. She made the statement during an event on carbon emission reduction held in Herastrau Park.

“I am appealing, first of all, to the Parliament, but also to the Government and civil society so that Romania updates its strategy on climate change according to the decisions made in Paris last December. The new strategy needs to be based on consultation with all actors involved, so that these commitments would affect every individual, but also the business environment and many economy sectors. That is why it’s important to have a feasible strategy with the agreement of all actors involved and I hope that before the elections, during the current mandate of the Parliament, the Paris Agreement is ratified, because we don’t only aim at being champions in signing this agreement, but also in ratifying and implementing it,” Cristea said, according to Agerpres.

She also stressed that linear economy, where resources are spent as if they were inexhaustible, needs to be replaced with the circular economy, where resources are used responsibly.

“The Circular Economy Package has been adopted at the EU level. It’s a proposal to replace the linear economy model, where we behave as if the planet’s resources are inexhaustible and where we take, we use, we exploit, we throw without thinking about what happens with the things we throw, with a circular model, where we use the planet’s resources responsibly. We don’t want to encourage economic models where, for instance, home appliances are already programmed to stop functioning so that the consumer would buy something else,” Cristea said.

Cristea was present on Saturday at the “Reducing Carbon Print – 2016” event hosted by Environ Association in partnership with the Embassy of Germany, with the support of the European Commission Representation in Bucharest. The gathering is part of a series of events at the EU level on the occasion of the European Diplomacy Day for Climate Change.

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