557 years of historical evidence of the Capital: Bucharest has turned into an outdoor stage for concerts, exhibitions, shows and fairs

Bucharest Days have been celebrated this weekend by a series of events commemorating 557 of historical evidence of the Capital, held in Constitution Square and in the Cismigiu and Herastrau Parks, were concerts, exhibitions, workshops, theaters or flowers fighting took place.

On the Bucharest Days occasion, the Bucharest Municipality organized a series of events celebrating 557 of historical evidence of the Capiltal in three important areas of the city: Constitution Square, Cismigiu Park and Herastrau Park.


Constitution Square


The most beloved pop-rock artists of the moment came on the stage in the Constitution Square to celebrate the Bucharest Days together with people in Bucharest: Andra, Stefan Banica Jr, Zdob si Zdub, Holograf, Trupa Vunk, Bere Gratis Oficial, Sore, Loredana, RUBY, Connect-R, Gabriel Cotabita, Marcel Pavel, Ovidiu Komornyik, Proconsul, Phoenix, Lidia Buble.

The festive ambiance will be completed this weekend by eight street theater bands from Spain, Italy or France. Clowns and huge dolls, butterflies and bright dancers will walk among spectators, providing mini-performances full of music and color in the Constitution Square and the adjacent streets.


Coltea Park


“Summer Symphonies”, the event that has already become tradition, organized by the 3rd District Town Hall in the Coltea Park, has brought to the classical music lover, on the occasion of the Bucharest Days, two concerts that no one has to miss: on Saturday, September 17 – Cvartet Passione, and on Sunay, September 18 – Angely’s Symphonic & Corul Academic “Divina Armonie”.


Cismigiu Park


Pony rides, magic shows, contests with prizes and many other funny activities for kids took place in Cismigiu Park, on the occasion of the Bucharest Days.


 “Kids City 2016”


Within the event called “kids City 2016” – “Adventures in the world of the Circus”, the pavilion in the Cismigiu Park was decorated like a circus; children have learned how to juggle, to keep their balance or to do tricks. All these activities took place under the name of “Circus school”. Animals from the world of circus, such as ponies, snakes, alligators and dogs, were available in the park for pictures. At the same time, the alleys in the Cismigiu Park were studded with funny activities, carousels, inflatable games, playground, etc., in order for the entertainment level to be superlative.


Herastrau Park


On Saturday and Sunday, until 10.00 pm, in the Herastrau Park (Charles de Gaulle entrance) were organized artistic shows, the vintage costume parade, “The fight with flowers”, carriage rides, children’s theater, music promenade, balancing on unicycle and a fair with hand-made products.

Bucharest was celebrated in Herastrau Park also with music and dance shows, theater, balancing, mimes, popular costume parade, traditional dishes and objects from the Craftsmen Fair.

“The fighting with flowers”, scheduled for Sunday, is a custom dating since 1890. It was initially celebrated on Palm Sunday, while in the interwar period it was celebrated on May 10, the day of the royalty. On this occasion, people went in the street, throwing with flowers at each other. “The fighting with flowers” brings color and joy every year, which is why we invite people in Bucharest to help us keep this beautiful custom alive.

At the same time, Bucharest Fair made available for the visitors a wide range of handicraft products made by craftsmen and artists.

“The Culinary Garden” also took place in Herastrau Park this weekend, greeting its guests with Romanian traditional cuisine.

The shows performed by the Masca Theater also arrived in Herastrau Park, Michael Jackson Alley. The show called “Spring Wind in Peach-Trees” (“Vant de primavara in piersici”) was played on Saturday and Sunday, being directed by Mihai Malaimare.

At the “Vintage costume parade”, in the same park, gentlemen ad ladies in festive clothing paraded gracefully on the park’s alleys.


National Park


On the occasion of Bucharest Days, a Bread Fair was also held in the National Park (Basarabia Blvd.), in front of the “Mihai Eminescu” Cultural Center. “Mihai Eminescu” Cultural Center brought to the public an original combination of traditions and authentic popular customs related to the production of bread, presenting its role in the peasant’s life.

The 14 traditional ovens placed in front of the cultural center’s building will be permanently working during the whole bread festival. Shows will not miss from the fairs’ schedule; renowned Romanian popular artists are invited to complete the specific ambiance for the traditional village.


Unirii Boulevard has become Arts Boulevard


On the occasion of the Bucharest Days, 3rd District Town Hall, together with the “House of Arts” Cultural Center, organized the 3rd edition of the cultural program “Arts Boulevard”. This year’s edition was dedicated to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and it celebrated 260 years since the birth of the great composer.



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