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September 27, 2020

Bill supported by Eena Udrea. Prison for late denouncers

Those who denounce corruption deeds should be absolved by criminal liability only in very strict circumstances. It’s the idea of several MPs, headed by Elena Udrea. The MPs argue that a denouncer can be left free only if he recognizes his deed within three months of the offense. The MPs have also initiated a bill in this regard. But analysts say the approach would have a serious impact on the prosecutors’ activity, according to Digi24.

Today, a person who gives bribe or buys influence can be absolved by criminal liability if he/she makes a denouncement, even after several years since the offense was committed. Being indicted by the prosecutors for corruption deeds, Elena Udrea says that the denouncer should benefit from clemency only if he/she makes the denouncement within three months since the offence was committed. Moreover, his/her illegally acquired amounts of money should also be confiscated.

“The experience of the last two years’ justice have showed us that it is possible for those who were so many times the initiators of illegal actions by which they benefited from dozens of millions of euros, to remain unpunished by the criminal law, keeping at the same time all the money acquired this way at their disposal, only because they made some denouncements which many times are not real, but false, and yet they had this advantage”, explained Elena Udrea for Digi24, independent MP.

In the last years, in Romania, more and more public persons, including MPs, ministers or local representatives, were indicted by the prosecutors as a result of the denouncements made by businessmen or by their collaborators.

The analysts argue that the adoption of such an amendment to the Criminal Code would make the DNA prosecutors’ and others’ activity become too difficult.

“It would be a totally inappropriate legislative amendment in the today’s Romania… All these attempts to adjust the law in the benefit of the potential investigated people, obviously limits the action field of the institutions operating in the judiciary”, thinks the political analyst Ioan Bogdan Lefter.

The bill was submitted to the Parliament and will be discussed this autumn.

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