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October 23, 2021

Company specialized in e-Commerce solutions in Cluj-Napoca makes offer to ANAF for online store

Following the announcement of the National Agency for Fiscal Administration (ANAF) of the acquisition of an online store, Blugento, a company specialized in eCommerce solutions, headquartered in Cluj-Napoca, has recently submitted to the National Authority for Tax Administration (ANAF) a formal proposal by offering to design a free a modern online store, at the highest standards.

The Blugento initiative comes in the context in which the Government has recently launched, the GovITHub program, which brings together the entrepreneurs who wish to contribute to the digitalisation of the public services, to facilitate and streamline the relationship of citizens with the state institutions. Among the entrepreneurs who attended the launch were also the representatives of Blugento.

“As a result of the announcement on the need to achieve an online store in order to improve the sales and the property seized and impounded by ANAF, as shown in a series of articles in the press, these days, we welcome this decision, which we consider it favorable both for the owners and the state. Blugento, a company that is backed up by a team of tradition in the IT industry and  11 years of experience in developing the online solutions is offering to provide ANAF a modern online store, at the highest standards, built on the foundation of the most popular eCommerce platforms in the world, Magento. We believe that this project will greatly simplify the citizen’s relationship with the state and will bring benefits to the whole society” , said Sandu Băbăşan (photo), General Manager Blugento.

The company has submitted a formal proposal with an offer to ANAF, that includes: the graphic design of the e-commerce platform, the technical infrastructure of selling a number of products, the integration of the online store in the anaf.ro page, the possibility of self-administration of the web- site, the optimization for the search engines etc.


Blugento, a Romanian-German collaboration, supported by Magento Inc.


The Blugento platform – www.blugento.ro – is facilitating the launch of an online store built on the solid foundation of the most popular eCommerce platforms in the world, Magento, adapted for the market in Romania through modules and user-friendly extensions. Blugento provides all the necessary functions of an online store in a robust and easy to use product that includes the technical infrastructure, site hosting, security updates, SEO services, marketing, online commerce and other related services to the online commerce.

Blugento is a German product developed in Romania, a result of the collaboration between Blugento GmbH and MindMagnet – the web agency in Cluj-Napoca known as the official organizer of the series of Meet Magento events in Romania – with the support of Magento Inc. The MindMagnet Agency was established in the heart of Transylvania in 2005, and provides technology solutions PHP and the Magento online market in Romania and abroad.

Magento is the leader of the ecommerce platforms and the most important provider for the giants of the online commerce, with an accounting of 29.8% of the market share worldwide. This is due to the quality and the versatility of the platform, but also the impressive number of developers and professionals underpinning of what the IT industry calls Magento ecosystem.


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