Mobilization for the establishment of the Coanda Memorial House

pag-8-henri-coandaIn a crossroad in the Lascar Catargiu area, hidden by trees and forgotten by authorities, stands an abandoned building of an impressive architecture, which is waiting for more than three decades to receive Henri Coanda back. It’s his parental home, which is able to host the Coanda Memorial House, the only one of its kind in Romania and worldwide.

“We have a Henri Coanda Airport, let’s also have a Coanda Memorial House, which should become a House of the Romanian Thinking, dynamic and interactive, to host not only the exhibition, but also to be an active space, dedicated to young people who wish to meet each other to plan things for today and tomorrow through innovation and culture”, mentioned the Henri Coanda Association through a press release. The members of the Association have sent a memoir to the Romanian Government, recalling the many efforts made in the last five years to establish and organize the Coanda Memorial House in the building that belonged to the family of the greatest Romanian scientific genius, Henri Coanda.

In the memoir’s text, the organization appreciated that for the young people of this country it has come the moment to have the opportunity to discover and know Henri Coanda at his home. In the same document, the organization also requested the Government to expedite the efforts for consolidating, restoring and arranging the Coanda House as a cultural and innovation space.

“To shoot a warning against the indifference of the authorities on the management and exploitation of the Coanda cultural and scientific heritage, the organization has gathered 1,000 supporting signatures in only 10 hours of actual work, which indicates a clear will of the Romanian ordinary people to identify themselves with the national and universal values supporting a cause that could fully bring to the Romanian people those benefits they deserve. We appreciate that the Coanda heritage and Coanda House must be publically acknowledged, as memorial houses with heritages belonging to the great representatives of the world civilization are”, reads the press release.

The signatories of the memoir are 16 to 80 years old, coming from all of the social and professional areas: teachers, lawyers, aviators, pilots, doctors, economists, officers, engineers, operators, accountants, IT specialists, workers, artists and so on.

Henri Coanda Organizaton has an intense activity for more than six years, for recovery and unified management of the heritage belonging to the one that gave not only the first jet engine to the world, but also other 250 discoveries reflected in 707 patents.


Henri Coanda Organization


–              has initiated in 2011 the establishment program for the Coanda Memorial House

–              has participated to the rescue of Coanda House, when its destination was about to be changed, being secretly and illegally alienated for profit

–              has made more than 270 actions for the establishment of the Coanda Memorial House until now

–              has recovered objects and documents from the Coanda cultural heritage from the free market, to put them back from where they left, at the museum

–              has supported public actions of promoting Henri Coanda’s activity

–              is rebuilding and developing inventions belonging to Henri Coanda

–              has initiated and is performing the LIKE IT WAS (ASA CUM A FOST) program for the functional reconstruction of the first jet plane Coanda 1910

–              has performed and organized the centenary activities in 2010, celebrating 100 years from the test of the first jet plane

–              has initiated and continues the efforts for protecting the Coanda cultural heritage

–              is the owner of the COANDA brand, certified by OSIM


Henri Coanda offered to the world, among other things:


–              The first jet plane

–              The first jet sleigh

–              The Coanda effect

–              The flying saucer

–              The desalination of the seawater by using solar energy

–              Bristol Coanda aircrafts

–              The tube transportation

–              Buildings made from prefabricated

–              Studies on the water memory

–              The biggest oceanic oil tank

–              The concrete that mimics wood

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