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December 7, 2021

No Fear – the new ALTEX Romania image campaign

pag-5-altexLast week, ALTEX, the most important electro-IT retailer in Romania, has launched a new image campaign called “No Fear”.

A group of journalists have been invited to the launching event. Everything was shrouded in an aura of mystery until the moment of the arrival at the location: the Titi Aur Academy.

At the Titi Aur Academy, the group was divided in 4 teams, and after watching the new Altex advertisement, we passed by rotation through several activities: “buffering/rollover simulator”, through which it was once again demonstrated to us the importance of using the seatbelt without exception, as well as the “free wheels”, the “2 wheels” riding, “the circle”, by which we were taught about various techniques of controlling the vehicle in skidding situations on dry or wet roads, either we’re talking about a situation occurred in traffic or on the racing circuit.

The professional drivers of the Academy put us in extreme situations – they were driving, we were sitting on the right seat; they provided us with moments of adrenaline, but they induced a safety feeling to us by their professionalism, so we spent our time having “no fear”.

Our visit at the Titi Aur Academy ended with a tour on the circuit with a Renault Megane GT, followed by Audi RS4. The feeling provided by the 450 horsepower is unforgettable.

A in the case of the Titi Aur Academy, where you meet unique and risky situations having “no fear”, Altex wishes to promote by its new campaign the disappearance of its customers’ fears that they didn’t purchase the best products at the best prices, thus reaching to strengthen the customer relationship.

By the No Fear campaign, ALTEX is answering in a pragmatic manner to the customers’ fears when it comes about buying a product, strengthening “the best offer” promise. By talking to customers in a direct, relaxed and funny way, ALTEX is approaching all the fears in a comic manner, exactly for indicating that they are irrelevant in the ALTEX context.

 “Since 2002, since launching the first ALTEX store in Romania, we have followed the same strategy of placing the consumer in the center of our concerning, providing him with access to high quality products at the best prices on the market. By the No Fear campaign, we wish to strengthen the partnership that we have with our customers and to confirm the trust in choosing ALTEX by the fact that they are receiving the best value for money in Romania, so they can fully enjoy the shopping experience and the purchased product”, stated Dan Ostahie, Altex Romania CEO.

By the No Fear campaign, we address to the current buyer, who is better informed and more careful to the value he receives by the investment he makes, talking to him in a direct, relaxed manner. We have a pragmatic – emotional approach, wishing to build further the conversation with our customers in a way which is as relevant as possible for them, going from answering to needs, to addressing a consumption behavior: thus, the fears existing in the moment of purchasing become irrelevant in the ALTEX context. The message of the campaign is ‘Have no fear that somebody knows a better price. If you find something cheaper somewhere else, we give you twice the difference’; the campaign will be communicated in an integrated manner, with performances on all of the communication channels: TV, radio, in-store and online”, stated Tia Ghinea, Altex Marketing Manager.

The Altex communication campaign takes place from September 15 to November 15, having an allotted budget of around EUR 200,000. It was designed with the contribution of the Cohnandjansen JWT Creative Agency, Media Investment (The Group) Media Agency and Porter Novelli (The Group) PR Agency.

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