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October 21, 2020

Parliament’s plenum adopts EU Council’s Decision – Euratom on the system of own resources

The joint plenum of the Chambers of Deputies and the Senate adopted on Monday the draft law for the ratification of the Council of the European Union’s Decision 2014/335/EU – Euratom regarding the system of own resources of the European Union.

The document registered 349 votes “in favor”.

The Decision was adopted in Brussels on 26 May 2014.

According to the Chamber of Deputies Speaker Florin Iordache, in order to be adopted by the Romanian Parliament, the draft law needed minimum two-thirds of all the parliamentarians votes, namely 341 votes.

Romania  was the only country that had not approved an EU Council decision because of the absenteeism of the MPs, causing European Commission’s warnings, since it could not propose the budgetary rectification, and the Member States could not contribute to the EU budget.

On 1 August, Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos sent a letter to the Parliament in which he was asking for the emergency adoption of this law regarding the system of own resources of the EU. Ciolos pointed out that in order to come into force, this Decision must have been ratified by all the EU Member States.

“The rectification is all the more urgent as the payment to all of the Member States of the new Decision’s impact during the year of 2016, based on an amending EU budget approved, will be possible only if Romania will notify the Secretary General of the Council that it finalized the ratification procedures no later than September, 30, this year”, according to the letter sent by the PM Dacian Ciolos to the Presidents of the Chamber of Deputies and Senate.

The PM recalled that, although it was on the agenda of the joint plenum of the Parliament, the vote was postponed several times because of the absenteeism, saying that European Commission itself warned Romania several times.

The bill on the ratification of the Council’s decision was on the joint plenum’s agenda on March 22, April 11, May 4 and June 22, but it couldn’t be approved due to a lack of quorum  as two thirds of the MPs had to vote.

In the last meeting of the Joint Standing Bureaus it was decided that the bill would enter on the agenda of the next joint plenum  scheduled for September 19, but the Senate’s President Calin Popescu Tariceanu said at that time that he could not  guarantee that the number of the present MPs will be enough to ratify the decision.

“There is a fear at the European Commission’s level towards the approval of this bill, since we are the last state which didn’t ratify this decision, and the European Commission cannot propose the budgetary rectification and the Member States cannot contribute to the EU budget. We suggest to include this bill and to approve it in the joint plenum, in the next joint plenum”, said Ciprian Bucur, the Minister-Delegate for Relations with Parliament, in the meeting of the joint Permanent Bureaus.

“Yes, I don’t think there’s anybody having any objections. Of course we will include it on the agenda of the joint Chambers and it will be subject of our vote. The problem is the presence that we’ll register. I can’t say anything else”, answered the President of the Senate, Calin Popescu Tariceanu, according to the transcript.

Specifically, the issue is about the Decision No.335/2014 on the system of own resources of the European Union, which “must assure adequate resources for the appropriate development of the Union’s policies, being subject to a strict budgetary discipline”. “Development of the own resources system can contribute and should contribute to the efforts of wider budgetary consolidation undertaken by the Member States and to participate in the greatest possible extent to developing the Union’s policies. This decision should enter into force only after being approved by all of the Member States, in compliance with their constitutional regulations, thus fully respecting the national sovereignty”, reads the document.


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