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June 25, 2022

PNL’s Gorghiu: Alongside USR we can find way to back a Gov’t. PMP and ALDE, toxic parties

National Liberal Party (PNL) Co-President Alina Gorghiu stated on Thursday that the political party she leads could form a majority alongside the Save Romania Union (USR), a party that “has to find its place in Parliament” since the Popular Movement Party (PMP) and the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE) are “toxic niche parties.”

“If I look at the small Romanian parties at this moment, whether it’s ALDE, PMP or USR – others are not even worth mentioning – USR is the one I am sure deserves to be in Parliament and I would like to see it in Parliament. Certainly not PMP and ALDE, the two toxic niche parties. I believe it’s a party that has to find its place in the Romanian Parliament and I believe we can find ways to communicate in order to back a future Cabinet,” Alina Gorghiu stated for ‘Adevarul Live.’

The PNL Co-President avoided talking about whom the party will nominate for the office of Premier, but said that she would like the nominee “to have Dacian Ciolos’s profile.” “I want the Premier nominated by the majority that will centre on PNL to have Dacian Ciolos’s profile. I obviously want this. He is a modest man, a civilised man, a man with a European profile, a man who, after all, has done more good during this period and I believe he would manage to gather around him the parties with which we can be compatible in a certain governmental exercise,” Gorghiu added.


Nicusor Dan refuses PNL’s political offer on Facebook


USR’s leader replied to PNL Co-President’s public political offer. Alina Gorghiu had stated that the Save Romania Union (USR) is the only small party that deserves to enter Parliament and ways to communicate with this party can be found. In a message posted on Facebook last Friday, Nicusor Dan replied: USR will not form alliances with any party.

“Ms. Alina Gorghiu, PNL Co-President, has started making public offers of collaboration, desiring a joint backing of a future Government. It is, on one hand, a slightly frivolous manner of politicking, following a long series of political attacks against USR and, on the other hand, a premature declaration given PNL’s absence of proven political will for internal reform, for transparency and good governance in local and central administration,” Nicusor Dan wrote a day after Alina Gorghiu talked about a possible future PNL-USR alliance backing the Government after the parliamentary elections.

“My response is the following:

  1. USR will not form an alliance with any party, so neither with PNL. For the old parties, alliance means negotiation over offices and dividing public resources through discretionary budget allocations for political clientele. We are not and will not be parties to these barters.
  2. We support a technocrat Premier and a Government that will include our projects in its governing platform.
  3. We will back government measures that will lead to greater transparency for public decision, to the elimination of red tape in the administration and to a rise in respect for the law, however we will not give a blank cheque to any Government.
  4. PNL is trying to position itself as part of a duo with USR for the parliamentary elections. It’s not the case. First of all, we are waiting for PNL’s internal reform,” the USR leader wrote.

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